Attacks on journalists and Catalan police reported during anti-independence demonstrations

Incidents also include intimidation of transport workers and damage of TV station van and radio station front door

A protester with a swastika tattooed on his hand insulting Catalan police officers during unionist rally in Barcelona on Sunday (by @lagarder81)
A protester with a swastika tattooed on his hand insulting Catalan police officers during unionist rally in Barcelona on Sunday (by @lagarder81) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

October 29, 2017 05:45 PM

Several incidents overshadowed the anti-independence demonstrations held in Catalonia after the Declaration of Independence, passed in the Catalan Parliament on Friday. Some journalists were reportedly attacked on Sunday during the 300,000-strong march in Barcelona, as well as some Catalan police officers and transport workers. The events took place only two days after some more violence was reported outside the Catalan radio public broadcaster headquarters during a far-right unionist demonstration.

Catalan radio broadcaster front door damaged

A journalist from the Catalan digital newspaper El Nacional was attacked on Sunday by a demonstrator, as footage shows. Some journalists from the Catalan TV public broadcaster were also intimidated, while a van from the same TV station was damaged. The incidents were reported after on Friday a far-right group of demonstrators for the unity of Spain intimidated employees of the Catalan radio public broadcaster and Barcelona local TV station. Besides, some windows from Catalan radio main front doors were damaged and some Catalan police officers had set a police cordon to protect the building.  

'Long live Franco'

On Sunday some insults and intimidation attempts from a group of far-right protesters taking part in the march to some Catalan police officers were also reported. The incident took place in Plaça Sant Jaume, outside the Catalan government headquarters, and some footage shows that they were insulting the officers and even throwing them some objects. ‘Long live Franco’, ‘Long live Spain’ and ‘Franco would put you right’ were some of the chants heard.

Two people end up in hospital after another attack

A Catalan railway company worker was also reportedly attacked by demonstrators, as well as some taxi drivers in central Barcelona. Some other videos on social media show a protester beating a citizen of Hindu origin. On Friday some other attacks in the Catalan capital took place during anti-independence demonstrations and two passers-by citizens ended up in hospital, according to emergency services (SEM). A shop owner was also attacked.