2024 European Election results: EPP wins 185 seats in future EU parliament

People's Party wins in Spain with 22 seats, while Socialists take lead in Catalonia in number of votes

European Election candidacies in a polling station on June 9, 2024
European Election candidacies in a polling station on June 9, 2024 / Albert Segura
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June 9, 2024 08:56 PM

June 10, 2024 11:54 AM

The European People's Party won 185 seats in the future EU parliament according to the results provided by the EP at 19:30 am on Monday, June 10, after the voting on Sunday, June 9.

With the first analysis, the conservatives, the socialists, and the liberals would be able to retain their majority in Parliament despite the increase of the far-right parties across the Union. 

The EPP won 185 seats, followed by the S&D (Socialists) with 137 seats, while the Renew Europe party was the third most-voted group with 80 representatives.

Meanwhile, the European Conservatives and Reformists Group obtained 73 seats, and Identity and Democracy, 58. The Greens won 52 seats, and The Left got 36 seats.

There are 46 members of Parliament not attached to any large groups, and there have been 53 elected MEPs who are considered 'Others' who have obtained a seat in the chamber for the first time, and therefore they are still not aligned with any group or have not yet positioned themselves with the future groups.

Spain: People's Party to win narrowly over Socialists

In Spain, the conservative People's Party won with 22 seats, almost doubling (+9) its seats from the last election in 2019, as results published at 11 pm show. 

Despite winning, the PP would do so with a narrow margin over the Socialists, getting 20 seats. 

In third place, the far-right Vox wins two more seats than in 2019, having an overall of 6.

Catalonia: Socialists clear winner

In Catalonia, the Socialists won big, with 30.63% of the vote, nearly 8 percentage points more than in 2019, according to the results published by the Spanish interior ministry. 

Catalan pro-independence parties will lose several seats. Despite Junts+ winning in 2019, they lost 2 seats, obtaining only 1, compared to the previous 3. Esquerra, despite coming in third with 14.82% of the vote, has lost 6 percentage points compared to 2019, and Junts, with 18.02% of the vote, lost 10 percentage points. 

Far-right Vox would see a significant increase compared to the last elections, from 2% to 6.18%.

While in Spain, the People's Party won, in Catalonia, it was the fourth most-voted party with 13.77% of the votes, increasing 8 percentage points on 2019 results.