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The image of the promotional ad (by ACN)

09 November 2010 10:30 PM

Catalan Government may extend bond amount to 3,000 million euros

Various banks and savings banks are asking the Catalan Government to extend the total bond amount to 3,000 million euros. The Catalan Ministry of Economy will make the decision whether or not to extend the amount on Friday. The Catalan...

02 November 2010 11:17 PM

Scottish Foreign Affairs Minister: massive demonstration in Barcelona “was a real proof of the people’s power”

Fiona Hyslop, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Scottish Government asks for the recognition of the right to self-determination for Catalonia and Scotland. In an interview with CNA, she claims for this right “recognised by the United Nations”.

30 October 2010 12:03 AM

European Commissioner for Energy states that single market with Northern Africa will become reality

Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy, told CNA that within the next 40 years, a single market with Northern Africa will exist, he “is sure” about it. In addition, Oettinger stated that the main obstacle for a truly effective...
Pío García-Escudero and Rosa Vindel in front of the Spanish Constitutional Court (by R. Pi)

28 October 2010 11:09 PM

The PP takes Catalonia’s bullfighting ban to the Constitutional Court

The Spanish Conservative People’s Party (PP) finally presented an appeal to the Constitutional Court on the Catalan Parliament’s law banning bullfighting in Catalonia, which was approved 3 months ago. The PP is arguing that the law exceeds...
Catalan Government increases bonds to 2,500 million (by ACN)

27 October 2010 10:57 PM

Catalan Government increases bonds to 2,500 million

As a result of the Catalan Government’s success in bond sales, they have made the decision to increase the overall bond amount to 2,500 million euros. The bonds can be purchased until the 12th of November by private citizens.
José Montilla (centre) in the event when he announced he would not reform the 3-party coalition (by ACN)

26 October 2010 12:50 AM

Catalan President will not form a new coalition with the opposition, nor with its current allies

The polls foresee a clear defeat for the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), led by the current Catalan President José Montilla, in the coming elections. The polls suggest that the PSC would not be able to reform the current and ruling 3-party...
A bank office today in Barcelona, selling Catalan Government bonds (by J. Molina)

22 October 2010 11:22 PM

Catalan Government bonds massively bought on first day

Today banks and savings banks started selling the treasury bonds announced by the Catalan Government two weeks ago to get cash. On the first day, about 1,000 million euros have been bought. If this pace continues, the bonds will be sold out by...
A regional train linking Lleida with La Pobla de Segur in the Pyrenees is delayed (by L. Cortés)

21 October 2010 12:22 AM

Regional trains in Catalonia to be managed from 1st of January 2011 by Catalan Government

Trains with origins and destinations in Catalonia will be managed by the Catalan Government beginning in 2011. Medium-speed trains (called Avant) are not included. A commission will quantify the cost of the service. The agreement follows what has...
Joana Ortega (CiU) participating in the Twittervista initiative (by J Pueyo)

19 October 2010 11:15 PM

Catalan candidates participate in the first electoral interview in the world via Twitter

Candidates from all the parties represented in the current Catalan Parliament participated in the pioneer initiative ‘Twittervista’, an interview made by the citizens via Twitter. From the 6 parties, 3 party leaders and 3 other main party...
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