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Felip Puig, the new Minister for Home Affairs (by ACN)

28 December 2010 11:39 PM

Felip Puig: from party discipline to Catalonia’s security

Puig is the new Home Affairs Minister, famous for his rough style. He is a survivor of the Pujol Governments, in which he held several posts, such as Spokesperson and Minister for Public Works. This civil engineer with a Bachelors degree in...
Pilar Fernández Bozal, the new Catalan Minister for Justice

28 December 2010 11:28 PM

Pilar Fernández Bozal, an experienced lawyer and an expert in Catalan-Spanish relations

The new Minister for Justice is an independent. Pilar Fernández Bozal is the senior-most representative in Catalonia of the Spanish State’s Lawyer Corps. This position makes her a specialist in competence devolution and Constitutional issues.
The new Catalan Vice President, Joana Ortega (by ACN)

28 December 2010 11:00 PM

Joana Ortega, a Christian-Democrat close to Duran i Lleida as Vice President

Ortega will be in charge of public administration staff and structures, as well as the relations between the Catalan Government and the Spanish State’s powers. She will be the first woman to hold the office of Vice President. She defends...
Joana Ortega was CiU's number two in the last Catalan elections (by ACN)

28 December 2010 10:42 PM

The new Catalan Government will finally have a Vice President

Mas will appoint the Christian Democrat Joana Ortega as the Catalan Vice President. She will be in charge of the public administration as well as institutional relations, such as Catalon Government's relations with the Spanish State. She will...

27 December 2010 11:32 PM

Artur Mas sworn into office

Catalonia has a new President. Artur Mas, the leader of the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Coalition, Convergència i Unió (CiU), becomes the 129th President of the Catalan Government. The swearing-in ceremony takes place this morning at the...
An image from the Orange Tree yard reception, with consuls from all over the world (by J. Font)

27 December 2010 11:18 PM

Consulate corps believes relations with the new Government will remain positive

Consuls from all over the world and representatives of international organisations attended the swearing-in ceremony, in which Artur Mas took office. All of them stressed the “good relations” between their countries and Catalonia, which they...
The faces of the new Catalan Government (by ACN)

27 December 2010 11:07 PM

The new Catalan Ministers

Artur Mas has finally decided upon the composition of his government. Mas waited to swear office and officially become President of the Catalan Government to make public his ministers’ names. Harvard and Berkeley professor Andreu Mas-Colell will...
Artur Mas will become on Monday the 27th of December the 129th President of the Catalan Government (by P. Franch)

23 December 2010 09:29 PM

President Mas, the victory of persistence

Finally, after having tried in 2003 and 2006, Artur Mas is invested President of the Catalan Government. The economist has been working in the public sector since 1982. He was a type of Catalan Prime Minister between 2001 and 2003, in the last...
Artur Mas giving his first speech as invested President (by O. Campuzano)

23 December 2010 06:32 PM

Artur Mas voted the 129th President of the Catalan Government

The leader of the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Coalition, Convergència i Unió (CiU), is invested President of the Catalan Government by the Catalan Parliament. He will take office next Monday, the 27th of December. The members of his...
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