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The European Commission President, José Manuel Durao Barroso (left) and the Catalan President, Artur Mas (right) (by ACN)

30 August 2012 11:29 PM

The European Commission states for the first time that Catalonia’s independence would have to be negotiated at international level

Until now, the EU was refusing to openly discuss the issue and was stating it was strictly an internal matter to be solved within Spain. The President of the European Commission, José Durao Barroso, admitted that “in the hypothetical case of a...
The Spanish Minister for the Economy, Luís de Guindos (by J. R. Torné)

29 August 2012 11:27 PM

The European Commission and the Spanish Government insist that Catalonia must meet the 1.5% deficit target

The Catalan Government stated it will meet the 1.5% deficit target for the Autonomies, although it considers it to be abusive considering they manage the main public services and the Spanish Government has kept for itself all the flexibility...
The Catalan Government's Cabinet Meeting the day it applied for the Liquidity Fund (by N. Julia)

28 August 2012 10:32 PM

The Catalan Government requests €5.02 billion from the Spanish Executive but will not accept “political conditions”

The Spokesperson for the Catalan Government emphasised the money requested comes from Catalan taxpayers, since Catalonia pays €17 billion each year for services and investments in the rest of Spain. Nonetheless, the Catalan Executive stated it...
Mas (left) and Rajoy (right) meeting in La Moncloa (by R. Pi de Cabanyes)

27 August 2012 11:35 PM

Spanish PM says he will study the proposal of a new economic agreement between Catalonia and Spain

Answering a letter from the Catalan President, the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, stated he would study the proposal voted by the Catalan Parliament which aims to reduce the solidarity contribution from Catalonia to the rest of Spain and...
Soraya Sáenz de Sntamaria (center) at this Friday press conference (by La Moncloa / ACN)

24 August 2012 10:54 PM

Spanish Government blames Catalan and Basque nationalisms for the lack of foreign investment and job creation

The ‘number two’ of the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalists (CiU), Josep Antoni Duran i Lleida, immediately replied that the Spanish Government is “the one creating mistrust” because of “its discrepancies” and Mariano Rajoy’s...
Camil Ros, presenting UGT study's results (by N. Capdevila Gallardo)

23 August 2012 10:47 PM

Almost 500,000 jobs have been destroyed in Catalonia since the crisis started according to the UGT

The trade union UGT has calculated that 478,969 jobs have been destroyed in Catalonia between the June 2007 and June 2012. Furthermore, the union fears a “layoff avalanche” next autumn in the public sector.
Boi Ruiz participated in the opening of the Catalan Summer University in Prades (by G. Sánchez)

17 August 2012 11:21 PM

The Catalan Health Minister warns that not subsidising 417 drugs may increase health spending

The Spanish Social Security has published the list with the 417 drugs that from September will no longer be subsidised in order to reduce public spending and meet deficit targets. Most of them are some of the most consumed medicines for minor...
The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, this Thursday (by P. Mateu)

09 August 2012 11:28 PM

The Catalan President asks citizens for “explicit statements” supporting a new fiscal agreement with Spain

The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, also talked about the delays of August payments to social care organisations, and he “hoped to be in a better situation” next month. However Mas could not give “a total guarantee” as it...
A Sub-Saharan patient receiving a vaccine in Salt (by L. Quintana)

07 August 2012 10:43 PM

Immigrants in Spain to pay between €710 and €1860 per year to access healthcare if they have not contributed to Social Security

The Catalan Government will allow universal access to community health centres, despite the Spanish Government’s decision. Autonomous Communities are those managing the public healthcare system. After announcing that immigrants would not be able...
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