Wine-growers expect 2010 to be one of the best vintages in years

This August, managers of Cellers de Raïmat in Lleida start the grape harvest hoping that a slow ripening process will produce a truly excellent vintage


August 10, 2010 10:55 PM

Lleida (ACN).- In the Cellers de Raïmat vineyard, in the Costers del Segre region of Lleida, the grape harvest started some five to ten days later than usual. The cellar, one of the most internationally recognised in Catalonia, expects to harvest up to 20 million kg of grapes. The wine, according to the experts, will be one of the most delicious in years.

Joan Esteve, the wine-growing director of Cellers de Raïmat said that they expect “one of the best vintage in recent years.” The slow ripening of the grapes, caused by a long, fresh spring, is likely to motivate the production of citrusy expressive wine. Esteve indicated that the “thermal gap” between the day and the night in Lleida, a difference of about 15 degrees, increases the long-term quality of the grape.

This year, Raïmat has introduced new PDA technological devices to select and classify vineyards. The cellar has been using new technologies for years, but now the director of growth can analyse up to ten indicators, such as the growth of the grapes, the stress of the plant, its uniformity and health. This helps ensure that the cellar starts its harvest at the very best time, in line with the type of wine it seeks to produce.

This season’s harvest will finish in October.