“We produce some of the best seafood in Europe thanks to Delta de l’Ebre’s uniqueness”

Josep Ramon Castells, the president of the Federation of Mollusc Producers from the Ebre Delta, explained in an interview the properties and the quality of the mussels and oysters they produce. They have a stronger flesh and greater sea taste than those from France and Italy.

CNA / Gastroteca.cat

August 24, 2010 10:20 PM

Barcelona (Gastroteca.cat).- Mussel and oyster farming in the Delta de l’Ebre has contributed to diversify the economy from the region in Catalonia’s extreme south. They are becoming a consolidated alternative to other agri-food products of the region, such as rice, wine and high-quality olive oils. In this interview, Castells talks about the characteristics of the mussel and the oyster from Delta waters, as well as future plans for tourism.

The mussels from the Delta de l’Ebre are some of the most appreciated products of the region and are starting to become known abroad. They benefit from the cleanness and biological richness of the water of the region. In 1940, they started to be picked from the rocks and sold. Nowadays they are produced in water farms in the middle of the Delta. They are from the species Mitylus galloprovincialis, the better adapted to Mediterranean waters. The best time to consume them is in early summer, between June and July. Their meat is exquisite, with a strong texture and a sea taste.