Public broadcaster revamps Super3 children’s channel

SX3 channel wants to target children, pre-teens, and families from 10 October 

Presentation of new SX3 channel at TV3 studios on Wednesday
Presentation of new SX3 channel at TV3 studios on Wednesday / Oriol Darnés

ACN | Barcelona

September 28, 2022 07:27 PM

A new children's television channel named SX3 will replace the old Super3 from 10 October, as announced by Catalan public broadcaster TV3 on Wednesday. 

The new channel has two sections depending on content, the 'S3' section is for young kids, while the 'X3' is destined for pre-teens. “The aim is to target different audiences including young and older children, and families,” said representatives from CCMA, the public company in charge of TV3, during a press conference announcing the change. 

The TV channel’s director, Sigfrid Gras, said the new platform “hopes to reconnect with minors across Catalonia.” Meanwhile, the director of children's content at the public broadcaster, Laia Servera, assured that the new “digital” and “multi-platform” proposal is a “global reform of Super3.”

TV3's director of children's content, Laia Servera, at the presentation of new SX3 channel
TV3's director of children's content, Laia Servera, at the presentation of new SX3 channel / Oriol Darnés

The re-vamping of TV3's kid's channel is also a step toward technological modernity, with the launch of an SX3 app for smart TVs, a responsive website, new social media accounts, and an expansion of radio and podcast content. 

The Super3 channel was once the main source of audiovisual entertainment for children in Catalonia, but the creation of new free and pay-per-view channels, as well as the development of other types of media and entertainment, brought about slow decline in audiences, especially in the last decade.    

S3 for young kids

“The S3 section is aimed at creating an environment where children and families can learn, share moments and have fun with the content,” said TV3's digital media deputy director, Geni de Vilar. She added that “this will be a safe learning space for children and families.” 

The S3 range will include new original titles, some classics from the old Super 3 platform such as 'Mic', and educational shows such as 'Jasmine and Jambo' teaching music theory and 'Numberblocks' helping young people learn mathematics.   

New cartoon series will be part of the channel’s entertainment proposal as well, with 'Fa La Là', a 3D animation show where animals sing traditional Catalan songs, and 'Wau Ka Kau' about the tales of two aliens who crashed on Earth. 

X3 aimed at pre-teens 

X3 viewers will get to enjoy new entertainment proposals too such as 'Project Beta', a transmedia fiction and mystery series about artificial intelligence, and the interactive show 'Ràndom', presented by David Itsme and Maria Bouabdellah. 

The X3 media catalog also includes the interactive adventure 'Lara and Kali' and the reality show 'Influenx3r', a competition about influencers in Catalonia.

Laia Servera also announced the premiere of new anime series dubbed for the first time in Catalan: 'Inazuma Eleven', 'Guardians of the Night', and 'Haikyu!!' 

X3 viewers will also get to enjoy classic shows from the old Super3 channel but with a modern twist, such as 'L'hora boomer', 'Info K', TV3's children's news program, and the cooking program 'Manduka'.