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‘Game of Thrones: the exhibtion’ starts its world tour in Barcelona on October 28

Its largest public exhibition ever to feature original material from the set


14 September 2017 06:40 PM


ACN Barcelona

'Game of Thrones: the Touring Exhibition’ begins its worldwide tour in Barcelona. This exhibition, the largest public showing of the successful fantasy series, is organized by HBO Global Licensing, producer GES and local promoter Sold Out. The inaugural location will be at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona, opening its doors on October 28.

This interactive experience of more than 1,000 square meters will take fans through the world of the famed HBO series. Here, visitors will be able to see original pieces from the sets, such as costumes, armor, and weapons, alongside various complementary images and objects.

“We are very excited to announce Barcelona, the doorway to the Mediterranean, as the location for the world premiere,” said Eddie Newquist, creative director and executive vice president of GES.

Aside from original material, viewers will be able to truly become part of the universe through a unique combination of immersive environments, interactive spaces and multimedia content, explained the organizers.

True to detail, this temporary showing will invite ticket-holders into Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos, across the Narrow Sea, and into the character’s struggle for justice, and for the Iron Throne. It will feature the winter landscapes of the North, the majestic backdrop of King’s Landing, and the conquered city of Meereen, complete with quarters for the Unsullied warriors and those faithful to the House of Targaryen. Those who dare can even venture into the icy lands Beyond the Wall.

“The people and the lands of Spain have welcomed some of the most emblematic scenes from Game of Thrones,” said Jeff Peters, vice president of licenses and distribution of HBO. "We are sure that our fans of Barcelona, ​​throughout Spain and in the rest of Europe will enjoy this opportunity," he added.

Newquist further commented that “the premiere in Barcelona will represent the culmination of the joint efforts of many artisans, designers and artists with great talent to create this unprecedented collection of objects, costumes and emblematic scenery, and show it to fans around the world,” adding that it is a “great pleasure” for them to “be able to start the tour in such a singular historical place.”


  • The Iron Throne (by ACN)

  • The Iron Throne (by ACN)