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Custo’s cubism and Toni Francesc’s green design hit the runways at New York Fashion Week

Catalan fashion designers Custo Barcelona and Toni Francesc are currently exhibiting their Spring-Summer collections at New York Fashion Week. Custo Barcelona’s collection is inspired by geometric shapes and graphic prints, while Toni Francesc seeks out environmental stability in his pieces this year.


14 September 2010 11:53 PM


ACN / Isaac Salvatierra

New York (ACN).- Catalan fashion is taking New York by storm during the Spring-Summer Collection of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Clothing brand Custo Barcelona is wowing crowds with its new collection full of funky patterns and cool colours such as turquoise, beige and caramel. The new collection combines functionality and elegance developed for daily wear. This Tuesday the Badalona designer Toni Francesc will present his collection for the 3rd time at New York Fashion Week. Unlike Custo, Francesc takes on a more austere approach to the presentation of his collection.

Some 900 people attended the Custo Barcelona runway show at New York\u2019s Lincoln Center. Custo Barcelona\u2019s Spring-Summer 2011 collection is inspired by movement and the geometric pieces of American sculptor and artist Alexander Calder.  Functionality is an important element to the new collection designed for daily wear, creating a sense of harmony in these exclusive pieces.

The architectural, geometric pieces combine fluid texture and volume with multi-coloured graphic patterns and figurative shapes. Geometric patterns are also protagonists in the collection through the mixing together of different types of fabrics to create a voluminous made of colours and combinations.

Austerity and environmentalism

Catalan designer Toni Francesc went through a radical shift this year. His February collection entitled \u2018Artificial Life\u2019 had very good reception. It was dominated by metallic dresses symbolizing the dehumanization of society. \u2018Artificial Life\u2019 aimed at criticising the various new systems in our lives. Francesc is bringing solutions to these critiques with his Spring-Summer collection. Entitled \u2018Urban Forest\u2019, the collection proposes topics such as the use of alternative energies, recycling and environmental awareness.

\u201CWe have to bring the forest to the city, not go out and look for it. We have to bring the forest inside\u201D, said the Badalona-based designer. New York exemplifies this integration between asphalt and nature. The famous Central Park located in the core of the city is the best example of this.

The collection has a \u201Csmoother, less dense\u201D air to it. Soft beiges and greys are the collection\u2019s primary colours, accented by light colours such as turquoise, bluish-greens, corals and yellows.

After impressing crowds in 2009 with his use of video installation on the runway, this year Francesc decided to leave the runway bare to focus the attention on the pieces and models. With a more austere presentation, the designer only hopes that his presence at New York Fashion Week will \u201Cbe a continuous thing\u201D. \u201CI would love to have stores, but we have to take it slow\u201D, he said.


  • Catalan designer, Toni Francesc, in preparing his show in the New York Fashion Week

  • 2011 Summer Collection from Custo Barcelona, presented in New York

  • Catalan designer, Toni Francesc, in preparing his show in the New York Fashion Week
  • 2011 Summer Collection from Custo Barcelona, presented in New York