Catalan gastronomy goes international

Fourteen Catalan producers of luxury gastronomic goods come together to present their companies abroad and to expand their presence in foreign markets / CNA

August 18, 2010 09:15 PM

Barcelona ( association of producers of luxury gastronomic goods plans to launch an international campaign to expand their presence in foreign markets. “Our priority is to internationalise our products and to share strategies to find clients abroad,” said Pere Valeri Salgot, president of the Gourmet Cluster.

“This is a clear opportunity to present Catalan gourmet products abroad and to increase international sales. If we cooperate, we have more opportunities and resources than if we try to reach international markets individually,” he said.

The fourteen companies which make up the Gourmet Cluster are interested in launching a wide-scale international campaign, promoting everything from cookies to sauces to cold meats to cava, a very special white or pink sparking wine, which is unique to Catalonia.

As a whole, the Cluster unites 280 Catalan luxury food and drink companies. They have a global turnover of approximately 500 million euros, and employ some 4,000 people. Of these, 41% are dedicated exclusively to food, and 58% to wine and cava. The vast majority of the companies’ existing markets are local for the time being, although there is recognised potential for international growth which the Cluster is keen to exploit.