Catalonia marches in solidarity with Palestine

Thousands protest in Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Terrassa as part of nearly 100 demonstrations across Spain

Demonstrators at the pro-Palestine march in Barcelona, January 20, 2024
Demonstrators at the pro-Palestine march in Barcelona, January 20, 2024 / Cillian Shields
Cillian Shields

Cillian Shields | @pile_of_eggs | Barcelona

January 20, 2024 05:52 PM

January 20, 2024 08:23 PM

Thousands of people marched in Catalonia on Saturday afternoon in solidarity with Palestine. 

Demonstrators took to the streets in Barcelona, Girona, Reus, and Terrassa as part of nearly 100 such simultaneous protests taking place across Spain to demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. 

Organizers of the demonstrations denounce the "genocide" happening in Palestine.

In Barcelona, the group met at 5 pm before marching towards Plaça Espanya. 

Chants were heard in the Catalan capital calling Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu a 'murderer' were heard, as well as others calling for the freedom of Palestine, and for sanctions to be levied against Israel. 

Other signs seen in Barcelona were directed at the international community, with some reading: 'Not in our name, Mrs Von der Leyen', 'Bombing children is not self-defense ' and 'You don't have diplomatic relations with those who are genocidal'.

In statements to the press at the beginning of the demonstration, the co-founder of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia, Salah Jama, denounced that 27,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the outbreak of war in October, "and the world does not move."

Jama also criticized that the media talk about 126 Israeli hostages but forget about 11,000 Palestinian prisoners "also held hostage."

The member of the Enough Complicity with Israel coalition, Alys Samson, focused on the sale of weapons to Israel and criticized that Spain has approved sales worth €800 million of arms to the country.

He has also asked that Spain join the case that South Africa has brought against Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide against the Palestinian people.