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World Music Festival to feature the music of Africa

The Barcelona World Music Festival will kick off the first week of October, bringing a wide offer of renowned music to the city. The festival will feature African music this year, showcasing artists such as Victor Demé, Nino Galissa, Bino Barros, Lokua Kanza and Don Bigg.


08 September 2010 10:57 PM



Barcelona (ACN).- After last year\u2019s success, the 15th edition of Barcelona\u2019s World Music Festival will once again feature the music of Africa. In particular, the festival will host music from Maghreb, the northern region of Africa. Judit Llimós, director of the festival, stated that the festival aims to \u201Cbreak down\u201D the countries of origin of all of the musicians who have immigrated to Barcelona from various parts of Africa. Some of the artists that will perform are Victor Demé from Burkina Faso, Nino Galissa from Guinea Bissau, Bino Barros from Cape Verde, Lokua Kanza from the Congo and rap pioneer Don Bigg from Morocco.

The festival, which will take place from the 1st to the 16th of October, will focus on music from Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, the festival will feature music from the northern region of the continent, especially Morocco.

Although the crisis has affected the festival\u2019s budget, the director of the Auditori venue, Joan Oller, assured that they continue to strive for quality. This is precisely why they search for artists who have the \u201Cimportant capacity\u201D of bringing in crowds.

Llimós mentioned that while last year the festival focused on artists from Mali, this year the goal is to \u201Cbreak down\u201D the musician\u2019s origins a little. However, he affirmed that they also want to continue giving opportunities to musicians who have emigrated from other countries and established themselves in Catalonia.

The cycle of concerts will begin on the 1st of October with a performance by the Burkinabe artist Victor Demé. Connected with the griot culture from his mother\u2019s side, Demé preserves a singing tradition developed by the troubadours of his land. His music did not become known to the world until he was 46 years old with the debut of his latest work entitled \u2018Deli\u2019.

Nino Galissa will hit the stage on the 8th of October. Coming from Guinea-Bissau, he has lived in Catalonia for the past 10 years. From his first work entitled \u2018N'Namolu\u2019 to his last album \u2018Africa Today\u2019, the artist has put out some 10 works. His performance will offer a grand retrospective for all of the fans that have followed him throughout the years. The multi-lingual singer will perform the languages of Mandingo, Creole, Fula, English, Spanish and Catalan.

The young Bino Barros from Cape Verde will perform on the 9th of October, bringing light to the new generation of Cap Verde artists who are modernising the music and legacy of their ancestors. On the 14th of October the much-awaited Congo artist Lokua Kanza will take to the stage. With a mixture of acoustic, electronic, classical, modern, traditional and transgressional styles of music and the release of his new album \u2018Nkolo\u2019, his performance is sure to delight spectators.

The festival will close with a performance by Moroccan pioneer rapper Don Bigg. His lyrics express themes of repression, unemployment, corruption and censorship. His show will take place in Barcelona\u2019s Sala Apolo on the 16th of October.


  • Judit Llimós and Joan Oller at today's presentation

  • Judit Llimós and Joan Oller at today's presentation