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Spielberg to produce the remake of the Catalan public television series ‘Polseres vermelles’ for American network ABC

Steven Spielberg has bought the rights to adapt a series produced and broadcast by Catalonia’s public TV station. The American name will be ‘The Red Band Society’ and Marta Kauffman, creator of ‘Friends’, might be in charge of the script. The main characters in the series are a group of teenagers with cancer, who develop a friendship and explore their imagination in hospital. ‘Polseres vermelles’ was a huge success on Catalan television and the second season is in production.


29 October 2011 12:09 AM



Barcelona (ACN).- One of Catalan public television\u2019s hits will be adapted by Steven Spielberg for the American network ABC. The series \u2018Polseres vermelles\u2019, which literally means \u2018Red bracelets\u2019, is about the experiences of a group of children and teenagers with cancer, who are being treated in hospital. The series, which has been produced and broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya (Catalan public television) wants to portray the values of friendship, solidarity, resilience, tenderness, and love, without dramatising the situation and patronising the characters. \u2018Polseres vermelles\u2019 became the season\u2019s biggest success on Catalan television. It is based on the personal experiences of script writer and creator, Albert Espinosa. Espinosa was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14 and spent some months in hospital. Nowadays, he is a successful script writer, who played out his experience with cancer in a theatre play, a movie and now the series that Steven Spielberg will produce it. \u2018Friends\u2019 creator and scriptwriter Marta Kauffman might be in charge of the series adaptation, which may be titled \u2018The Red Band Society\u2019.

The Midas King of Hollywood and founder of Dreamworks, Steven Spielberg, has bought the rights to adapt \u2018Polseres vermelles\u2019 for American television. Albert Espinosa announced the negotiations through his Twitter on Thursday. On Friday, Catalan public television confirmed an agreement had been reached. Spielberg and Marta Kauffman will adapt the series. Espinosa believes Spielberg and Kauffman will keep the spirit and tone of the series, as \u201Cthey really know how to picture friendship\u201D and a child's hopes and imagination. However, some parts of the plot might be slightly altered.

Currently Catalan public television is preparing the second season of the series, directed by Pau Freixas.  


  • The Catalan series charachters of 'Polseres vermelles', which will be adapted by Spielberg as 'The Red Band Society' (by Filmax)

  • The Catalan series charachters of 'Polseres vermelles', which will be adapted by Spielberg as 'The Red Band Society' (by Filmax)