Sant Jordi book sales reach €25 million, up 6% from last year

Nearly 2 million books sold in over a week, 52% in Catalan and 48% in Spanish

People browsing books on Barcelona's La Rambla
People browsing books on Barcelona's La Rambla / Marta Vidal
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April 29, 2024 08:03 PM

April 29, 2024 08:04 PM

The Guild of Booksellers of Catalonia announced on Monday a turnover of €25.4 million during the week of Sant Jordi, an increase of 6% over last year.

During the week, nearly 2 million books were sold, representing more than 70,250 titles, a significant increase from the 60,000 sold last year. Of all the books sold, 52% were in Catalan and 48% in Spanish.

In Catalan, 'Història d'un piano' (The Story of a Piano) by Ramon Gener was the bestselling fiction book, while 'La grieta del silencio' (The Crack of Silence) by Javier Castillo was the bestselling novel in Spanish.

Carles Porta's 'Tor: Foc encès' (Tor: Ignited Fire) topped the list of Catalan non-fiction, while in Spanish, Marian Rojas Estapé's 'Recupera tu mente, reconquista tu vida' (Recover Your Mind, Reclaim Your Life) claimed the first spot. 

The bestselling genre was fiction, with 35% of sales, followed by children's and young adults' literature with 31%, non-fiction with 23% and comics with 11%. 

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