Sagrada Familia celebrates Sant Jordi with AI art projection

Barcelona's famous basilica raffles 90 tickets for eve of Catalonia's festival of books and roses

Inside the Sagrada Familia basilica
Inside the Sagrada Familia basilica / Sagrada Familia
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April 12, 2024 04:20 PM

April 23, 2024 03:59 PM

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona's iconic basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí, will celebrate this year's Sant Jordi, Catalonia's vibrant festival of books and roses celebrated annually on April 23, with a digital art projection created by AI.

The audiovisual work, titled 'Rosa, Rosae', will be displayed on a giant screen inside the basilica in front of the sculpture dedicated to Sant Jordi by Catalan sculptor and painter Josep Maria Subirachs.

This is the first time the Sagrada Familia uses AI to create art, and the audio-visual piece features hundreds of images inspired by roses and Gaudí's iconic architectural style.


The projection, accompanied by an organ composition, will be on display from April 22 to 27, offering a unique fusion of technology and culture.

To make the experience more accessible, the Sagrada Familia is giving away 90 double tickets for a night tour of the basilica on the eve of Sant Jordi.

Those interested can access the participation form on the Sagrada Familia website until April 18 at 10 am, and the winners will be announced the same day.  

Continuing its tradition, Sagrada Familia offers free admission to all those celebrating their patron saint on Sant Jordi, including Jordis, Jordines, and their equivalents in other languages such as Jorge, George, Georges, and Giorgio, along with one guest each.