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‘Pa Negre’ and Isabel Coixet’s documentary ‘Escuchando al juez Garzón’ lead the Catalan films at the Berlinale 2011

Three Catalan movies compete in various categories at the Berlinale film festival. In addition, during the 10 days of festival, 13 Catalan movies are screened to the public in the German capital.


10 February 2011 06:45 PM


ACN / Neus Pérez

Berlin (ACN) .- One of the most talked about movies at the 61st edition of the international film festival Berlinale this year is the outstanding production by the Catalan director Isabel Coixet \u2018Eschuchando al juez Garzón\u2019, which in English translates to \u2018Listening to Judge Garzón\u2019. \u2018Pa Negre\u2019 by Augustí Villaronga, which translates to \u2018Black Bread\u2019, in English is another Catalan production on show this week at Berlinale festival in the German capital. This year, the Isabel Coixet movie, \u2018Eschuchando el Juez Garzón\u2019 will compete in the \u2018Special\u2019 category. The \u2018Panorama\u2019 section that includes new works from well-known directors has two Catalan productions this year: \u2018Amador\u2019, by the Madrid director Fernando León de Aranoa and produced by the audiovisual companies Reposado and Mediapro, and 'Medianeras' (\u2018Sidewalls\u2019) by Gustavo Taretto.

\u2018Eschuchando al juez Garzón\u2019 is a documentary film about the persucation that the Spanish Judie Baltasar Garzçon is suffering from Spanish judiciary Powers due to his investigations about the Franco dictatorship and political corruption. Garzón became world famous as he requested the extradition of the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet from the United Kingdom to be judged for his crimes. Garzón also investigated the Argentinean dictatorship crimes and he is one of the pioneers of the \u2018universal justice\u2019 concept.

Coixet's film is the recording of a conversation between Judge Baltasar Garzón and the writer Manuel Rivas where they \u201Crelate to and analyse the situation\u201D about what exactly is happening to the judge. The director wanted to show the situation of a judge who \u201Cdoes with job with passion, enthusiasm and conviction\u201D, says Coixet.

The presence of Isabel Coixet is now almost a tradition at the Berlinale International Film Festival. In 2003, her film \u2018My life without me\u2019 was one of the festival\u2019s favourites and in 2008 her two movies \u2018Elegy\u2019 and \u2018The secret life of words\u2019 competed in main category in the festival. In 2009, Coixet was part of the festival's international jury. Last year, in the 60th edition the Catalan director participated in a conference at the 'Talent on Campus', a section of the festival dedicated to young beginners in the world of cinema.

Another Catalan production is 'Amador' directed by Fernando León de Aranoa and produced by Reposado and Mediapro, a Catalan audiovisual company that produced the latest Woody Allen films. The film is about a young immigrant, Magaly Solier, with economic problems that takes care of an old Spanish man called Amador. The actress Magaly Solier was also the protagonist of the film \u2018La Teta Asustada\u2019(\u2018The Milk of Sorrow\u2019), a film awarded the Golden Bear award at the Berlinale 2009 and directed by Peruvian director based in Barcelona, Claudia Llosa. Amador is played by Celso Bugallo, who has also appeared in many films such as \u2018Salvador Puig Antich\u2019.

The movie 'Medianeras' by Gustavo Taretto is also in the \u2018Panorama\u2019 section. The film that stars Pilar López de Ayala as the protagonist, tells the story of two youngsters \u201Cwho are united but at the same time separated in the city of Buenos Aires\u201D.

Films for the public

Another notable film at the Berlinale is the Catalan movie 'Pa Negre' (\u2018Black Bread\u2019). It had a great success at the San Sebastián Film Festival and at the latest edition of the Gaudí Awards in Barcelona. It has also been nominated for 14 Goya Awards this year. The movie pictures a dark crime story at the Catalan mountains just after the Spanish Civil War, where food scarcity made people only get black bread.

The Augustí Villaronga movie is not competing in the Berlinale festival this year, but it will be screened to the public with twelve other Catalan movies. Among others, 'Didi Hollywood' by Bigas Luna; 'Mil Cretins' (\u2018Thousand Bastards\u2019) by Ventura Pons, 'Atrocius' by Fernando Barreda Luna,  'Barcelona, socialite' by Mireia Ros, \u2018De gran vull ser soldat\u2019 (\u2018When I\u2019ll grow up, I want to be a soldier\u2019) by Christian Molina, and \u2018Blog\u2019 by Elena Trapé.

Collet-Serra presents 'Unknown'

The established Catalan movie director in Hollywood Jaume Collet-Serra will present the movie 'Unknown' on the last day of the festival.  The 'thriller' movie that is actually in the competition has a leading cast with renowned actors like Liam Neeson, Frank Langelia, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Aidan Quinn and Bruno Ganz.


  • The Berlinale will take place from the 10th to the 20th of February in Berlin (by N. Pérez)

  • The Berlinale will take place from the 10th to the 20th of February in Berlin (by N. Pérez)