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One of Barcelona’s biggest nightclubs, Razzmatazz, reopens after 19 months

Around 2,000 fans danced on first night of reopening after tickets sold out in less than an hour


14 October 2021 02:55 AM


Cillian Shields | Barcelona

Razzmatazz, one of Barcelona’s biggest nightclubs, has reopened to the public for the first time in 19 months after being shut since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Nightclubs were officially allowed to reopen from October 8, but some larger venues like Razzmatazz decided to wait some days before returning to business. 

With pulsating beats, timeless hits, and the latest in reggaeton and dancehall, Razzmatazz fans were treated to a night of everything they’ve been waiting so long for, spread across five separate rooms bursting with life, colour and energy

Purpur & Perotutehasvisto, resident DJs of the El Dirty club night that takes place on Wednesdays in one of Barcelona’s premier nightlife venues, provided the rhythms through the night, along with the likes of Jack Dafons, Poorlan, Alex Waldorf and Mr. George Constanza. 

Doors officially opened at 12.30 am but queues were seen gathering for long before then, with the anticipation palpable. 

Different groups began to arrive at the vicinity from around midnight and kept arriving until beyond 2 am. 

So eager were fans to get back to the dancefloor on the first night of Razzmatazz reopening, in fact, tickets for the event sold out 50 minutes after going on sale online, with no tickets available on the door. 

Covid-19 restrictions

Under current restrictions, the indoor spaces of nightclubs can only welcome a limit of 70% of the total capacity. For Razzmatazz, this meant around 2,000 people were able to enjoy the opening night.

Everybody entering had to show a Covid passport which certified that the person was either fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior, had recovered from the coronavirus within the past six months, or else they’ve tested negative for the virus. 

All people inside must wear face masks at all times, apart from when consuming food or drinks. No drinks are allowed on the dance floor, but distances are not required to be kept there either. 

Despite the fact that face masks must be worn at all times, many figures within the nightlife sector say it will be very difficult to make all people wear face masks at all times.

Carmen Zapata, manager of the Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia (ASACC), explained to the Catalan News Agency that nightclubs cannot become “the dance police” to enforce face mask-wearing.

In the same vein, Lluís Torrent, co-director of Razzmatazz, warned the week before reopening that the measure of wearing a mask is impossible to comply with. 

"We will not be able to enforce the mask inside the room because it is evidence that everyone sees." 

He went on to explain that they will put up posters, but added that they "cannot act as police officers or create a public order problem and expel someone who does not want to put on the mask."


  • Razzmatazz, one of Barcelona's biggest nightclubs, lit up in red on the first night of reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic, October 2021 (by Cillian Shields)

  • Razzmatazz, one of Barcelona's biggest nightclubs, lit up in red on the first night of reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic, October 2021 (by Cillian Shields)