Nursing home residents reconnect with past through cinema

Transhumant project aims to 'bring culture closer' to vulnerable groups

Nursing home residents in Ripoll during the screening
Nursing home residents in Ripoll during the screening / Lourdes Casademont
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June 12, 2024 12:02 PM

June 13, 2024 11:57 AM

Residents of five nursing homes in Ripollès, rural northern Catalonia, enjoyed a movie session, many of them for the first time in years. 

"I haven’t gone to the cinema since my husband died, 16 years ago," resident Carmen explains.  

The initiative is part of a project by Transhumant Cinema, which aims to "bring culture closer" to vulnerable groups

"We want to bring a different kind of cinema to people who may not be able to go because of mobility issues or because their routines do not allow it," the director of the project Joaquim Roqué explains. 


The cinema has chosen two films about rural life, a theme that helps them "connect with memories and experiences."

"The first movie reminded me of things from my homeland," Carmen explains. "There was a lady in the movie who was very funny because she said things that reminded me of my grandparents when I was little."

Flora Boatella, a resident at the center, says she especially enjoyed the film "Roques," by director Àngel Amargant, which shows different families carrying on the tradition of making cheese in the iconic mountain of Montserrat, which holds a special spiritual significance for Flora. 

"It is a generation that has experienced wars and many difficulties", explains Red Cross coordinator in Ripoll Sílvia Gallart. For this reason, they have chosen for positive themes in films, like old rural professions. 

"Although routine gives them security, breaking it from time to time, especially with a cultural activity like cinema, is very beneficial," Gallart says, highlighting the positive effects of the cinema sessions.