Film festivals, museums, and the 'last concert?': What to do in November

This month brings an exciting selection of film festivals to explore music, the environment, and horror

International music documentary film festival, In-Edit (image taken from their website)
International music documentary film festival, In-Edit (image taken from their website) / Cillian Shields & Natacha Maurin

Cillian Shields & Natacha Maurin | Barcelona

November 2, 2020 02:37 PM

Last month, a new set of restrictions were enforced which saw the reduction of capacities of cultural activities reduced to 50%, but we can at least celebrate the fact that events were and are still allowed to go ahead, although always under the possibility of being suspended. 

With that in mind, for November we’ve selected a range of online activities, exhibitions, film festivals, and concerts to enjoy through November. 

In-Edit film festival | Online | October 29 - November 8

In-Edit, one of the world’s biggest music documentary film festivals, will be available for the eyes of the whole planet to view this year, as the cinema spectacle moves 100% online. With a new online platform established to stream films directly to people’s homes, the festival offers a range of different ‘packs’ to choose from, including a National pack, a short films pack, and of course the entire festival catalogue. In total, nearly 50 titles will be available to watch. 

Some highlights screening this year include an extensive work on the life and work of Brian Jones, one of the mythical original frontmen of the Rolling Stones who passed away in 1969, a film about two DJs defying the Islamic regime in Iran, and the remarkable untold story of female pioneers of electronic music.

Other film festivals | Online | Various dates

Now into its 27th edition, the Suncine film festival focusses entirely on the environment. As with many others, the festival is taking place entirely online this year. Now more than ever, organisers claim, the festival is hugely important to rethink humanity’s relationship with nature and the planet. A selection of films curated by Suncine hopes to get that message across. 

The Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival is also back for another edition. This year, the festival goes partly online through the platform Filmin, while some enticing in-person packets are also available to purchase for the cinema experience.

World Press Photo 2020 | CCCB | November 14 - December 18

The CCCB will be holding the sixteenth edition of the World Press Photo international photojournalism exhibition beginning on November 14. On display will be prize-winning photographs and multimedia works looking at current international affairs.

Apart from the exposition, a program of tailored activities will be available. They have been designed to create debate and discussion around the topics at hand. Moreover, people attending will also be able to take part in a guided tour of the gallery.

Fina Miralles exhibition | MACBA | November 5 - April 5 

MACBA will display Fina Miralles’ works as a journey through some of the pressing issues she described in her art. Little-known internationally, Miralles is described as “one of the most significant Spanish artists active from the seventies to the present day.” MACBA’s exhibition sets out to rectify this and place her firmly in the historiography of art.

As well as the exposition, there will be a publication filled with analysis of her works and accompanying images.

'The last concert?' | Online | November 18

Dance halls and concert venues from across the country are coming together for 'the last concert?' Decrying the extremely perilous situation these businesses and the culture sector as a whole are facing, many of Barcelona's iconic venues are banding together for a night of gigs streamed for free on November 18.

Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo, Luz de Gas, Meteoro, Tablao Cordobés, and Sidecar are just some of the famous venues that have painted their shutters or exteriors with a message suggesting they could be forced to shut permanently this year. 

As a result of the pandemic, around 25,000 events have already been cancelled this year, with businesses losing around 120 million euros. This 'final concert' is a way of sending a message to authorities that the sector is in such a dire state and needs urgent rescuing.