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Counterculture amid nature

BioRitme festival fills the Sau Reservoir with music and sustainable living


25 August 2017 04:42 PM


Helle Kettner | Vilanova de Sau

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out. Listen to the tree tops swaying in the wind. Feel nature. Live nature. Until Sunday, around 4,000 people will have the chance to do just that at the Catalan BioRitme festival. Devoted to sustainable living and emerging music, the event celebrates experiencing nature in the privileged setting of the Sau Reservoir.

This year is the festival’s fifth edition and –with a change of location– BioRitme may have found its ideal and definitive spot in the Sau Reservoir. BioRitme provides a meeting point between the sustainable economy, natural health, organic food, social activism and emerging music, according to one of the festival’s organizers.

More than 50 concerts

BioRitme has programmed more than 50 concerts featuring all kinds of music during the festival. Catalan artists like Ebri Knight, Green Valley, Boikot, Aspenkat, Cesk Freixas, Gemma Humet and The Sey Sisters will be among those entertaining the festival attendees this weekend.

“At first sight you might come for the music, but then you see the place; you cannot breathe this atmosphere in any other festival,” say attendees to the event,Georgina and Júlia, emphasizing that the festival is much more than the musical program.

Not just a music festival

The festival is open to everyone and is about much more than just the music. According to the organizers, BioRitme aims to cross boundaries so that it is “for very different people to come and share their ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other.” It is also a place for both adults and children, with non-stop activities during the day, rather than only in the evenings and at night when the concerts kick off.

The festival also offers a wide range of workshops and talks to raise awareness of such issues as refugees, health and nutrition, as well as other social or political matters of interest to the audience. In addition, attendees can participate in activities such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation or music workshops. And when it gets too hot, a dip in the lake is only seconds away.

Much more than just a music festival, BioRitme offers health and tranquility in a natural environment that is good for body, mind and soul.



  • Attendees doing yoga at the BioRitme festival (by ACN)

  • Attendees doing yoga at the BioRitme festival (by ACN)