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Canadian playwright Wajdi Mouawad debuts his opera ‘Tideline’ in Girona

‘Tideline’ opened today at the Municipal Theatre of Girona as part of the Autumn Festival of Catalonia ‘Temporada Alta’. The opera chronicles a young man’s search for identity as he travels back to his village to bury his deceased father.


23 November 2010 11:08 PM


ACN / Xavier Pi / Sarah Garrahan

Girona (ACN).- The Canadian playwright and stage director Wajdi Mouawad is presenting his opera \u2018Tideline\u2019 at \u2018Temporada Alta: The Autumn Festival of Catalonia\u2019. The opera debuted today at Girona\u2019s Municipal Theatre. The piece chronicles a young man named Wilfrid\u2019s journey to find his identity when travelling back to his hometown to bury his father. \u201CTideline is a reflection on friendship, love and death from a poetic point of view\u201D, explain the actors.

With this version, Mouawad is using a completely renovated stage design, incorporating painting as a stage element. The opera is performed in French with Catalan subtitles.

15 years after the opera was made into a film, the playwright is once again bringing it to the stage. In its Catalan debut, Mouawad is reinventing the piece. The director chose to use painting as a key element to the renovated opera.

The opera takes the spectator through a journey of love, friendship and death through the story of Wilfrid, a young man who returns to his native village to bury his father. While the story is a difficult one, the actors insist that the audience read the story positively. \u201CWhile it is a tragic situation, there are also very humorous moments\u201D.

One of the actresses of the opera, Marie Eve Perron, said that \u201Cit is necessary to look for the most essentials elements of the text\u201D. As the other actors explain, \u2018Tideline\u2019 is a piece that asks the public to make \u201Creflections on their selves and their own lives\u201D.

The opera debuted today at the Municipal Theatre of Girona. Playwright and stage director Wajdi Mouawad was born in Lebanon during the height of the civil war. He later moved to Canada and settled between Canada and France.  As associate director of the Avignon Festival in 2009, Mouawad once again brought the piece to the stage. He has directed over 20 works in both Canada and France.

\u2018Tideline\u2019, together with his earlier works 'Scorched' and 'Forests', the director is working on a tetrology about exile, origins and identity. Through the story of a lost young man, \u2018Tideline\u2019 is a journey into the depths of existence. In the story, the protagonist shares his experience with a girl who also lost her father.

Actress Marie Eve Perron defines Mouawad as an \u201Cexceptional contemporary\u201D author. Mouawad tells the story of \u201Clove and death with so much intimacy\u201D, a quality that is present in all of his work.


  • A caption from the play (by J. L. Fernandez)

  • A caption from the play (by J. L. Fernandez)

  • A caption from the play (by J. L. Fernandez)
  • A caption from the play (by J. L. Fernandez)