Almost 100 movies with Catalan participation reach cinemas in 2022, record in 21st century

Over four million tickets sold for such films, tripling 2021's figure

Elena Martín while filming 'Creatura'
Elena Martín while filming 'Creatura' / Pol Rebaque / Avalon

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June 28, 2023 01:21 PM

June 28, 2023 01:21 PM

In 2022, a total of 98 movies with Catalan participation reached cinemas, 21% more than the previous year and the highest number recorded in the 21st century, surpassing the 95 movies from 2010.

Overall, 4,039,784 spectators in Spain watched one of these 98 Catalan films in 2022, tripling the figure in 2021. 

The most watched movie was 'Tadeu Jones 3: La taula maragda,' an animated Indiana Jones-like film with Tadeu Jones as the main character. The movie has been receiving rave reviews since the first leg of the trilogy was released in 2012, considered to be the best animated film in Spain's history.

'Tadeu Jones 3' was also the most-watched Spanish film in 2022.

Catalan movies accounted for 28% of the 14,270,814 Spanish spectators.

Regarding Spanish productions, the Catalan cinema academy states that 30.5% of these are Catalan-made, slightly higher than the figure seen in 2021 but still in the average since 2016.

The historical figure is driven by general growth in Spain after the first negative results because of the pandemic.

In total, 56.1% of films in Catalonia were fiction, 41.8% were documentaries, and 2% were animation productions.