Booster shots approved for all adults over the age of 18

People will be able to book jabs in the coming days, while waiting period for extra shot reduced from six to five months

A woman is given a Covid-19 vaccine (by Albert Lijarcio)
A woman is given a Covid-19 vaccine (by Albert Lijarcio) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

January 13, 2022 01:21 PM

The Covid-19 booster vaccines have been approved for all adults over the age of 18.

People will be able to book their jabs in the coming days when the portal is opened.

The waiting period to get the third dose has also been reduced from six months after a second dose, to five.

Authorities made these decisions following a public health committee meeting, a group comprised of the Spanish health ministry and representatives from all of the regions. 

Administration of the booster jabs will still be done by age groups, starting from oldest and progressively moving to youngest. 

Spanish health minister Carolina Darias explained the latest updates in a press conference following the meeting. She justified the one-month reduction in the period before the booster jab due to the evolution of the pandemic as well as saying the decision was based on scientific evidence.

The minister explained that the vaccination strategy is in "permanent observational study" and said that the measure is "in line with what other countries are doing."

Darias also said that people who recently had the coronavirus will have to wait four weeks before they can get their booster dose, provided the five-month period has also passed since their second dose.

Pandemic situation in Catalonia

Health authorities have made this decision in light of the surging wave of cases due to the Omicron variant. The past two weeks alone (December 30-January 12) have seen 345,083 newly confirmed Covid-19 cases in Catalonia.

In light of the surging cases and close contacts, the demand for self-performed antigen tests has also skyrocketed. After weeks of public outcry over their price, the Spanish government will regulate the costs of antigen tests. From Saturday, January 15, they will now cost a maximum of €2.94.

There are also around 123,000 workers in Catalonia off sick due to Covid-19 right now, including 3,500 medical professionals. Sick leaves will now automatically end after seven days if the patient no longer has symptoms.

Nevertheless, health experts are observing a "slowdown" of some pandemic indicators.

How to get vaccinated in Catalonia

Anyone who is registered in a municipal 'padró' census in Catalonia is entitled to at least basic CatSalut public health coverage, which includes Covid care and vaccinations.

You can apply for a health card here. Once you have received a CIP number, you can request access to La Meva Salut, the website and app from which medical records – including vaccination certificates – can be downloaded and health queries can be made. You will also be able to book vaccination appointments online.

Vaccinations are only administered through the public health system.