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Ciudadanos: staunchly anti-independence with bleak prospects

09 February 2021 11:48 AM


ACN | Barcelona


Ciudadanos are one of the staunchly unionist parties competing for seats in the 2021 Catalan election, but their prospects look bleak as polls predict they will lose a considerable amount of their seats in the parliament. 

“We can either choose to prolong the pro-independence nightmare,” their presidential candidate Carlos Carrizosa said at a campaign event in Barcelona, “or choose a government that carries out a bearable term for all those who yearn for rights, freedom, economy, and social measures.”

Founded in Barcelona in 2006 to live up to the principles of “citizenship, freedom and equality, secularism, bilingualism, and the Spanish constitution,” as the head of the opposition in Parliament since December 2017 the party has, more often than not, defined itself almost exclusively by its position against (Catalan) nationalism.

  • Ciudadanos: staunchly anti-independence with bleak prospects