Horrorland theme park frightens and delights, a successful end to first season

22,500 people visited attraction ahead of Christmas special edition and promoters extend contract until 2022


Image of the opening day of Horrorland in October 2018 (by Gemma Aleman)
Image of the opening day of Horrorland in October 2018 (by Gemma Aleman) / ACN

ACN | Cercs

November 14, 2018 02:36 PM

Horrorland's first season this weekend comes to an end this weekend and it has “exceeded the expectations” of those behind it.

The "first scream park in southern Europe," housed in an eery former power plant in Cercs, northern Catalonia, will have received 22,500 visits by the season's end –that is, a full house, for every single operating day.

At Christmas, the theme park will open for three days, and the Fast Pass tickets (for early birds) are already sold out.

Those behind the park, who admit they still cannot believe its success, announced that they've signed a new contract with the owners of the premises for four more years – meaning Horrorland is guaranteed to give you a scare until 2022.

Evidence of Horrorland's screaming success lies not only in tickets sold. The leading awards for theme parks, the PAC awards, have recognized the initiative as "the best innovation for Spanish theme parks in 2018," explained one of the promoters of the park, David Moreno, to the Catalan News Agency (ACN.)

Accommodation and jobs

What’s more,  accommodations in the area have experienced an increase in bookings this autumn –coinciding with the 30-day period in which Horrorland has been operating.

Horrorland has created some 170 jobs, more than half of which were filled by locals.

Over 30 media outlets, including Reuters and CNN, were in Cercs to cover the opening day of the theme park on October 10.