Foreign investment in Catalonia up 18% in 2023, reaching €4.6 bn

While Catalonia recorded its best figures since 2016, Spain as a whole fell by 18%

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Aerial view of Barcelona / Jordi Bataller
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March 20, 2024 12:48 PM

March 20, 2024 12:57 PM

Catalonia attracted €4.6 billion in foreign investment in 2023, according to data released by the Economy Ministry on Wednesday. 

Compared to 2022, foreign investment increased by 18%, reaching the highest level since 2016 and the fourth highest level on record. 

The surge in the last quarter is particularly noteworthy, with Catalonia receiving nearly €2.5 billion, almost half of the total for the year. 

Among Spain's autonomous communities, Catalonia ranked second, just behind Madrid, which secured €15 billion. However, the Spanish capital experienced a decline in investment of almost 13% compared to the previous year. 

The figures include foreign investment based on the location of a company's headquarters, regardless of where the investment is made, which contributes to Madrid's impact due to its status as the capital. 

Nationally, Spain experienced an 18% decline, with a total of €28 billion of foreign investment in the country.