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Florists optimistic for Christmas sales despite supply chain issues

Festive trends this holiday season include natural elements such as conifer, eucalyptus, and magnolia


15 November 2021 02:37 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The flower industry in Catalonia is expecting to be hit with some supply chain disruptions this Christmas season but remains optimistic that sales will continue and even hopeful they could improve on last year.

President of the Guild of Florists of Catalonia, Joan Guillén, recommends the public to purchase whatever items they may desire in advance, as he warns there could be a shortage of supplies for some flowers, plants, and accessories.

On Sunday at Barcelona’s wholesale market for fresh produce and flowers, Mercabarna, about 2,000 florists from across Spain gathered to learn about the trends of the season.

There, Guillén explained that there are currently supply problems and that some products will arrive in "limited quantities" and others "will not arrive" on time.

Regardless, they assured that they will work "to be able to serve everyone until the last day" in spite of the supply problems present and future.

Truck drivers are planning a strike on three days leading up to Christmas, December 20-22, and this is expected to add to the supply issues for consumers.

Faced with this situation, the sector strongly recommends that people place orders in florists in advance.


This year, festive ornamentation will focus on wooden decorations and other natural elements such as conifers, eucalyptus, and magnolia.

They will, however, avoid oil derivatives.

"There is a clear trend for natural elements," Guillén said, adding that there is a tendency towards a "more traditional and more rustic" Christmas this year.

“Instead of sequin papers, we’ll see raffia palms, which are more natural, or fabrics,” he explained while calling for avoiding oil-derived decorations which are harmful for the environment.

Daniel Santamaria, artistic director the flower trade shows at Mercabarna, also sees the trend moving in the direction of sustainability.

He says many "traditional" materials will be used this year such as conifers, fir, magnolia, eucalyptus, holly, and wood. 

As for colours, he labels greens as “natural”, combined with gold, red, pink, purple or metallic colours together, are fashionable this season.


  • Artist Per Benjamin shows off an example of Christmas decorations trendy in 2021 (by Carola López)

  • Artist Per Benjamin shows off an example of Christmas decorations trendy in 2021 (by Carola López)