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Entrepreneurial activity in Catalonia above average for Spain and EU

International study says new projects make up 8.13% of business in the country with Barcelona registering best figures for 12 years



11 June 2019 07:11 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Entrepreneurial activity in Catalonia grew by 0.1% to 8.13% in 2018, above the averages for both Spain as a whole (6.39%) and Europe (8%), says a new study.

Meanwhile, the area in and around Barcelona was at the forefront of the growth in Catalonia, which at 8.13% registered the best figures since 2006.

The results presented by the business ministry on Tuesday are based on an international survey involving 49 countries by the Global Entrepreunership Monitor (GEM).

Among the study's other conclusions is that established initiatives - those over three and a half years - make up 6.59% of all business, above the 6.05% for Spain as a whole.

The study, involving a sample of 2,000 people in Catalonia, also detected a five-point decline in business opportunities to 32%, above Spain's 29% but below the 45% figure for the EU.

Female entrepreneurs on the rise

However, the study detected a significant rise in the number of female entrepreneurs to 7.7% for Catalonia and 7.9% for Barcelona, close to the 8% in the EU's wealthiest states.

The result shows that the number of women starting new businesses in Catalonia has almost doubled since 2013, when the figure was 4.8%.

According to the study, the typical potential entrepreneur is 38 years old on average, with the typical established entrepreneur being around 49 years of age.

The study also confirms Barcelona as the driver of the country's entrepreneurial ecosystem, where 4% more new firms survive for at least three and a half years.


  • Catalonia's secretary general of business, Joaquim Ferrer, on June 11, 2019 (by Aina Martí)

  • Catalonia's secretary general of business, Joaquim Ferrer, on June 11, 2019 (by Aina Martí)