Digital bulletin brings Catalonia and Sardinia closer

Lawyer Roberto Oronti's project to begin in July on Facebook and other social networks

Albert Traver

June 15, 2010 09:08 PM

Sardinian lawyer and businessman Roberto Oronti is working on a project to launch a daily electronic bulletin to promote economic, touristic and cultural links between Catalonia and Sardinia. The project, which has the support of the delegation of the Catalan government in Alghero, will open in July and is going to be first published through Facebook and other social networks. After the first few months, Oronti wants to make a formal presentation to both Catalan and Sardinian institutions to obtain more resources.

Oronti, owner of “Sassari Notizie”, a successful daily digital, believes that instead of taking the plane to go for a one-day shopping trip in Rome or to the opera in Milan, Sardinians could look west to Catalonia and not east to Italy for their short business and tourism trips. 
In similar vein, Alghero businessmen announced that they are going to tag their oil, cheese and wine products in Catalan to promote trade with Catalonia. Stefano Lubrano, president of Cofindustria, the North Sardinia Industrial Association, assured that they have already starting tagging in Catalan and are waiting for further approval. The Pinna cheese, San Giuliano oil and Sella & Mosca wine are the products that will reach the Catalan market this year.