Catalonia lobbies with other vegetable-producing regions to participate in the EU Agriculture policy

The EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) will be reformed. Catalonia wants to have a say in the future of the CAP. To do so, it is lobbying together with other European regions that lead fruit and vegetable production. A joint declaration with 10 ways to improve the sector has been agreed on.


October 8, 2010 11:31 PM

Cesena, Italy (ACN).- The 1st European Forum of fruit and vegetable regions took place in Cesena, Italy. The meeting is the result of a push from European fruit and vegetable producing regions to vindicate a role in the future of the EU Agriculture Policy. The main fruit and vegetable producing regions in Europe have agreed on a joint declaration to have a “voice and vote” in the decision-making process regarding the EU Common Agriculture Policy, which is in the process of being reformed. The text asks for a policy that enables farmers’ continuity of their agricultural activities and, at the same time, responds to “consumer expectations”. The document is addressed to the European Commission and their respective Member State Governments.

The Forum’s participants stressed that consumers are more and more interested in buying high-quality products with health security guarantees and grown in an environmentally-friendly way. They have listed 10 proposals to reform Europe’s agriculture policies, such as having a specific policy for fruit and vegetables, focusing on innovation, improving the sector’s projection, defending the most sensitive products, increasing exportations and fostering training and generation change.