Catalonia limits time to create business enterprising to 48 hours

The bureaucracy that comes with starting a company in Catalonia has been reduced from almost a month to just two days, according to the Minister for Innovation, Universities and Business.

CNA / Laura Pous

July 7, 2010 06:21 PM

Barcelona (CNA).- Anyone who wishes to create a limited liability company in Catalonia can do so in only 48 hours. The Catalan Minister for Innovation, Universities and Business, Josep Huguet, said that it is “very important to facilitate the proceedings” for entrepreneurs, especially during the economic crisis. During a visit to the new office for business management in Barcelona, Huguet said that in the last year, the Catalan Government has eliminated up to 5,300 bureaucratic proceedings previously needed to create a company.

The Catalan Government passed 18 months ago a new piece of legislation for the simplification of administrative proceedings. The changes attempt to complete in one day almost 8,000 administrative proceedings in the business sector. In the tourism sector, for example, the documentation needed has been reduced in such a fashion that a process that used to take up to a month can be completed in just one visit to the office.

Huguet said that the new system aims to save “time and money” for the public and to avoid “unnecessary” proceedings. “The administration believes in the citizen”, said Huguet. According to the Government, a citizen can create a company with just a normal ID and a booked number in the Trade Register.

Since last year, entrepreneurs and citizens have avoided the presentation of up to 11,500 documents. In total, the public have avoided 122,000 days of procedures and entrepreneurs have saved up to 500 million euros in the costs of taxes and documentation previously needed.