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Catalan pharma firm to invest €30m in plant near Barcelona

Reig Jofre also aims to expand into Asia and US with new production line in Toledo


23 October 2018 05:51 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Catalan pharma company Reig Jofre is preparing a plan to invest 30 million euros in Sant Joan Despí, in Barcelona. The idea is to open a new building within 18 months that will increase their "commitment to the industrial and pharmaceutical sector in Catalonia."

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the firm also opened a new production line in Toledo, at an event attended by Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez. The additional 1,500 meters inaugurated will increase the firm's production capacity by 33%, according to CEO, Ignasi Biosca.

Reig Jofre was one of the Catalan companies that did not move its corporate HQ at the height of the political tensions between Catalonia and Spain last year. According to Biosca, "the best way to show our commitment to the country was to leave things as they were."

The CEO also said that the plans to open new premises in Sant Joan Despí show the firm's "strong commitment towards injectable products" and technology to produce medicines in the biological, biosimilar and chemical spheres.

Breaking into foreign markets

As for the new project in Toledo, Biosca said the expansion to production will help the firm break into markets in Asia and the US, with "a landmark, quality product to generate exports and become a model in Europe, Asia, Japan and the United States."

Reig Jofre has invested 10 million euros in the new project in Toledo, to add to two others in the Spanish city, one in Barcelona, and another in Sweden. It is the fifth largest pharma company in Spain in terms of business volume, accounting for 14% of all antibiotics used.

During the inauguration in Toledo, the CEO of Reig Jofre called on Sánchez and the authorities to "reward those who are genuinely committed to the interests of the population," especially now there is a new government and "a new moment as a country."

In his address, Sánchez pledged "all the support" of his government "when it comes to promoting internationalization." The Spanish president added that his executive is working to reverse "the regression" in R&D+I.


  • Reig Jofre firm inaugurated a new plant in Toledo (by Roger Pi, ACN)

  • Reig Jofre firm inaugurated a new plant in Toledo (by Roger Pi, ACN)