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Barcelona to double solar power produced by public buildings

The city now has the capacity to produce enough energy for 1,000 families


08 August 2017 02:11 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Barcelona is committed to converting its perennial sun into a permanent source of energy. In the short term, the city council will double the amount of power produced by solar panels placed on public buildings and infrastructures. Currently, some 60 sets of panels produce over 1,000 kWp of electric power. With the installation of 31 new projects, an extra 1,000 kWp will be available for consumption.

The energy consumption by public buildings accounts for approximately half the city’s total. By improving the public building’s energy autonomy, the city council aims to set a good example for citizens.

Barcelona has the capacity to produce 1,832 kWp every year and 2,290,344 kWh, according to the city council’s Map of Photovoltaic Energy Generation. This would be enough energy for over 1,000 families, and it would cut the CO2 emissions by 820,000 thousand kilograms.

Pergolas with solar panels

The installation of pergolas with solar panels is one of the highlights of the city’s strategy to foster solar power production. There are currently 12 working, and 10 more are expected to start functioning in the coming years.

Some pergolas have been built from scratch, with the solar panels already included. Others, which were originally built to provide city dwellers with comfortable shade on sunny days, were remodeled afterwards to install the panels.

The city council prides itself on refashioning solar panels as part of people's everyday life, and thus fostering people’s awareness. For instance, one of the pergolas is located in the Plaça del Centre, covering a playground where children gather to play. The solar panels produce 70% of the energy consumed by the street lighting.

Clean (and subsidized) energy

Not only does the city council want to produce more clean energy, it also aims to encourage citizens to do so. The public administration will subsidize 60% of the cost of private photovoltaic installations, up to 60,000 euros.

Tax credits will also be available, and the city council is working in order to ease and simplify the administrative process.


  • Solar panels in Torres de Segre, west of Barcelona.

  • Solar panels in Torres de Segre, west of Barcelona.