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Air traffic controllers in Barcelona to go on strike

They denounce a lack of staff and foresee a complicated summer from June 20


21 April 2018 06:37 PM


ACN | Barcelona

It could be a troubled summer for Barcelona Airport again this year. The air traffic controllers have agreed to go on 24-hours strikes from June 20. At an assembly, 85% of the workers decided to join the protest against the lack of staff that they say they are suffering. The air traffic controllers warn that it could lead to a collapse at the airport of Barcelona this summer.  

The administrator of air navigation in Spain, Enaire, has already opened up for the contracting of more air controllers. But according to the air traffic controllers' trade union, USCA, they will not arrive in time for when the air traffic is the busiest, in summer. "It is not a pessimistic outlook, it is realistic," said the trade union's spokesperson. According to USCA, Barcelona Airport already has 9.4% more passengers than it had at this time last year.

Nevertheless, according to the assembly's spokesperson, going on a strike "is the last option"; what the staff really wants is "to instigate a serious and binding dialogue" with the administrator of the air navigation. Enaire is also "willing to talk" to the air controllers. "Our priority is Catalonia this summer," said sources from the state administrator of air navigation.

Barcelona Airport already experienced scenes of chaos last August, when some holidaymakers had to wait for up to three hours to go through security controls, as the security staff decided to go on a strike to protest their working conditions.


  • Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (by ACN)

  • Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (by ACN)