22-May-18 TV News: 'Different approaches by Spain and Germany towards deposed officials'

The Spanish courts are keeping pro-independence leaders in pre-trial jail, even those who have been appointed as ministers. Meanwhile, their German counterparts are allowing Puigdemont to remain free, and have ruled out extradition for rebellion once again. The courts in both countries have taken quite different approaches today towards the Puigdemont cabinet members awaiting trial. While Madrid judges denied permission for two of them to take office as ministers, a German high court kept Carles Puigdemont free while deciding on his extradition. This, as President Torra’s cabinet is supposed to take office as soon as tomorrow. There is uncertainty whether it will be possible now after Madrid’s latest block. In our show today we’ll take an in depth look at current political affairs in Catalonia, and we’ll also tell you about a remarkable medical development for Leukemia.


May 22, 2018 07:55 PM