18-May-18 TV News: 'Spain warns against reinstating deposed ministers'

Yet another political row between Catalonia and Spain is on the horizon. Depending on which ministers the new Catalan president nominates, Madrid has vowed to take action. The Spanish government will not sit back and do nothing if President Quim Torra tries to reinstate the deposed Catalan ministers in jail or abroad. Rajoy’s cabinet spokesman made this clear today. Torra intends to visit the officials in prison on Monday, so the events are likely to quickly unfold next week. It is still uncertain what the outcome will be, and how Spain will react. In our show today, we’ll get you the latest developments in Catalan politics, and we’ll also find out more about two old jobs in the country, that hark back to centuries ago.


May 18, 2018 07:55 PM