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Society & Science

Society & Science
A family wades through waters while fleeing the flooded village of Karam Pur / Reuters

10 August 2010 11:16 PM

Catalans available to provide humanitarian aid to Pakistan

NGOs in Catalonia meet to prepare an aid strategy for the victims of the recent heavy flooding in Pakistan. They are ready to act as soon as international organisations decide exactly what is needed in the field
Aid workers Roque Pasqual and Albert Vilalta

09 August 2010 09:08 PM

The kidnapping of two Catalans by Al-Qaeda sadly becomes longest in Sahel

wo hundred and fifty-two days later, aid workers Albert Vilalta and Roque Pasqual are still being held in the northern region of Mali by a Magreb Islamist terrorist group
The new system is likely to improve the security of Catalan fire-fighters

05 August 2010 11:25 PM

Catalonia: pioneer in security for firemen

Brand new technology could be of great service to Catalan fire-fighters in the near future. It would monitor vital signs made by fire-fighters working in emergency situations
The suspected terrorist was detained in Tortosa

05 August 2010 10:49 PM

Suspected terrorist detained by Catalan police

Mossos d'Esquadra have detained a suspected Islamist terrorist from Pakistan in the southern Catalan town of Tortosa, where he lived since last week
The University of Lleida

03 August 2010 11:52 PM

€26.4 million more to be invested in Catalan Universities

Catalan Government will spend €661 million to improve the infrastructure and equipment of the main universities in the country
The Economist article about the bullfighting ban in Catalonia

02 August 2010 11:58 PM

Concern about an article that defines Catalonia as ?the land of the ban?

The Economist criticizes the decision of the Catalan Parliament to ban bullfighting and states that the country has a ?spam of intolerance?.

02 August 2010 10:58 PM

Tensions at Barcelona's first bullfighting corrida since the ban

Groups for and against the bullfighting prohibition clash in front of Barcelona's only bullring just days after the Catalan Parliament decided to ban the fiesta
International newspapers have published reports about the Catalan ban on bullfighting

29 July 2010 08:33 PM

Catalonia's ban on bullfighting attracts huge international media attention

Prestigious newspapers such as The Times and Le Figaro published the story in their front-page and argued that the decision widens the gap between Spain and Catalonia.

28 July 2010 12:09 AM

Bullfighting may be banned in Catalonia

The Catalan Parliament will vote tomorrow on a popular initiative to ban bullfighting in Catalonia. The initiative has spurred great expectation abroad, as well as lively controversy in Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
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