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Financial sources told ACN that the Catalan Government would be preparing a retail bond release (by ACN)

15 September 2011 11:25 PM

The Catalan Government is preparing the release of 3,800 million euros in retail bonds

As carried out on two other occasions in the last year, the Catalan Government is preparing to release of 3,800 retail bonds to get cash. Financial sources informed ACN about the operation, which has not been confirmed by the Catalan Ministry of...
Last Monday, thousands of teachers and parents demonstrated throughout Catalonia to support the current school model (by ACN)

15 September 2011 11:19 PM

The Catalan Supreme Court halts the two month deadline to include Spanish as a school language of instruction

The Catalan Government appealed the order of the Catalan Supreme Court, which insisted that the Catalan school system should be modified in order to comply with the Spanish Supreme Court’s sentence from last December to include Spanish as...
Fitch's headquarters (by Fitch)

14 September 2011 11:37 PM

Fitch lowers Catalonia’s debt rating despite recognising the efforts to reduce the public deficit

The rating agency Fitch reduced Catalonia’s long term debt’s appreciation, going from A to A- because of the expected weak economic growth. Nevertheless, Fitch recognised the efforts to reduce the public deficit carried out by the Catalan...
The Spanish Parliament backs the linguistic immersion model of Catalan schools (by ACN)

14 September 2011 05:28 PM

The Spanish Parliament supports the current Catalan school model

A parliamentary motion has been approved, backing the Catalan linguistic immersion model at public schools. It was approved with the votes of all of the parliamentary groups except those from the People’s Party (PP) and the Unión Progreso y...
The spokesman for Education at the European Commission, Dennis Abbott and the Comissioner, Androulla Vassiliou (by ACN)

09 September 2011 05:32 PM

The EC defends Catalan "not only for tradition and identity but for practical reasons”

The spokesman for Education at the European Commission warns that "monolinguals are potentially at a disadvantage" in terms of finding work. “From very young children should speak their mother tongue and two other languages”, he says.
The exhibition of Joan Miró served as a stage for the celebration (by ACN)

08 September 2011 05:37 PM

The exhibition of Joan Miró serves as a stage for the celebration of the Catalan National Day in London

The delegation from the Generalitat in the United Kingdom commemorated the National Day at the Tate Modern London, where a major retrospective exhibition of the Catalan painter Joan Miró is currently on display.
The chairman of the committee on Education, Doris Pack (by ACN)

08 September 2011 02:28 PM

The European Parliament warns that "to separate students by language would split the country"

The chairman of the committee on Education, Doris Pack, defends the Catalan model of education and says that people coming from outside Catalonia have to make an effort to learn the language of their new home: "It's like immigration in Germany, we...
Catalan president Artur Mas (by ACN)

07 September 2011 06:21 PM

Mas warns Rajoy: it is a “great mistake” to attack the Catalan language

The Catalan President says that he will not work with the conservative PP after the Spanish general election if the party “crosses the red line” and tries to push a language agenda which puts at risk the current Catalan educational system. The...
MPs leaving the plennary room before the voting on the Constitutional amendment as a protest (by ACN)

03 September 2011 12:19 AM

All Catalan MPs apart those from the PSOE and PP refuse to vote on the Constitutional amendment limiting deficit

The Constitutional amendment limiting public deficit in Spain has been only approved with the votes from the PSOE and the PP at the Spanish Parliament. Four parties decided to quit the plenary room at the moment of the voting, whilst the Catalan...
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