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Rajoy to answer Mas’s referendum letter after summer

Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, told the Catalan President, Artur Mas, that he should expect a reply to his request to hold a referendum, after the summer recess. According to the Presidency Minister and Spokesman of the Catalan Government, Francesc Homs, Rajoy informed Mas that he had received his letter during a phone conversation that lasted no more than two minutes. The letter was sent in July in order to express the willingness of the majority of Catalans to carry out a referendum on independence.


28 August 2013 06:29 PM



Barcelona (ACN).- The Spanish President, Mariano Rajoy, called the Catalan President, Artur Mas, in order to acknowledge that he had recieved the letter which stated the willingness of the Catalan people to hold a referendum on independence. According to the Presidency Minister, Francesc Homs, Rajoy said to Mas that he would answer the petition after the summer break. Homs added that the conversation between the two leaders was very short, lasting no more than two minutes.

Homs explained that the Catalan government is expecting Madrid\u2019s answer to know \u201Cwhether there is is a possibility for dialogue\u201D or not. In an interview with the Catalan Public Television station (TV3), the Presidency Minister said the letter didn\u2019t express the wishes of Mas, but of a Catalonia. In the letter, Artur Mas stated that there is a \u201Cneed to launch talks and a negotiation process to allow, in an agreed way, the Catalan people to vote\u201D on the issue of independence. Mas added that the vote should be held as soon as possible and within the \u201Clegal frameworks\u201D decided by both Madrid and Barcelona. The Catalan President stressed that in Catalonia there is \u201Ca wide citizen and parliamentary support\u201D for the referendum, and \u201Cwillingness to talk and negotiate\u201D. Mas also reminded Rajoy that other European countries, notably the United Kingdom, have allowed similar referendums to go ahead, finding ways to \u201Cdemocratically and legally solve\u201D all the challenges. \u201CIs Mr Rajoy not happy to discuss this issue? How can we consider the leader as being democratic when he doesn\u2019t agree to talk, when all that is being asked is to debate the possibility to vote in a referendum?\u201D, Francesc Homs noted. The Presidency Minister asked Rajoy to live \u201Cup to his responsibilities\u201D. \u201CWe need to explain to the Spanish government that if it considers itself as being democratic, it should offer a democratic solution to a democratic petition\u201D, he added. Homs recognised he doesn\u2019t expect Rajoy to authorise a referendum in Catalonia, unlike UK Prime Minister David Cameron who did, with regards to Scotland, but said the issue will have to be analysed once they receive an answer.


  • Catalan president Artur Mas (by ACN)

  • Catalan president Artur Mas (by ACN)