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A vice-president of German parliament rules out extraditing Puigdemont for rebellion

"The crime of rebellion does not exist in Germany," says Wolfgang Kubicki to German media


25 March 2018 10:08 PM


ACN | Barcelona

A vice-president of the German parliament, Wolfgang Kubicki, ruled out Carles Puigdemont's extradition for rebellion. "The crime of rebellion does not exist in Germany," said Kubicki, from the Free Democratic Party of Germany, to German media. The German far left-wing party Die Linke demanded Puigdemont's release. Meanwhile, the head of European policy in the German parliament, Andrej Hunko, noted that Puigdemont's detention is a "disgrace."  

Hunko noted that the crime of rebellion is not a "European crime" and that any country is obliged to extradite an individual accused of rebellion. According to him, "Spain is the only European country that has this pre-democratic crime." What's more, the leader of the far left-wing party said that Puigdemont's detention is "clearly motivated by political reasons."



  • The German parliament (by Reuters)

  • The German parliament (by Reuters)