costa daurada

A route in southern Catalonia explores the sites that influenced Gaudí, Miró, Picasso and Pau Casals

August 8, 2013 09:35 PM | Julian Scully

The Landscape of the Geniuses tourism project celebrates how the Province of Tarragona (south Catalonia) has influenced the work of four world renowned artists: Antoni Gaudí, Joan Miró, Pau Casals and Pablo Picasso. The route focuses on four municipalities in the Costa Daurada and the Ebro Valley, in which these artists spent a considerable amount of time, and explore how the region left a lasting impression and inspired them in the creation of their work. The route involves 270 points of interest and accommodation facilities that include: museums, architecture, restaurants, hotels and campsites. A tourist card gives access to all of the visitor centres along the route as well as numerous discounts.

'BCN World', a project with many questions

May 29, 2013 10:15 PM | Berta Seijo, Ariadna Vaz, Margalida Vidal

The Catalan Government announced last September the ‘BCN World’ project, a mega-resort that will be built on the Costa Daurada, near Tarragona and Salou. According to the forecasts, the construction will cost €4.7 billion and the opening is scheduled for 2016. The complex will consist of six casinos and theme parks, 12,000 hotel rooms, golf courts and a smart city, among other aspects. The initiative was presented just a few hours before it was confirmed that Sheldon Adelson’s ‘Eurovegas’ would go to Madrid, although the Catalan Government denied that ‘BCN World’ is the alternative project. While experts validate the economic viability of the project, they do question the suitability of this leisure model in Europe. Just weeks before construction begins, there are still a lot of questions without being answered.

Catalonia awarded 90 blue flags for its clean and safe beaches, 3 more than last year

May 24, 2013 12:29 AM | CNA

In addition, 24 marinas in Catalonia have also been awarded a blue flag this year. In 2012, 87 beaches and 24 marinas were awarded. The blue flags recognise the cleanness, safety, environmental management and services provided at the beach. Spain has obtained a total of 648 blue flags: 551 recognising beaches and 97 for marinas. It means 11 more flags for beaches and 1 less for marinas than last year. Catalonia is the 3rd Autonomous Community with the highest number of blue flags in Spain recognising the quality of the beaches. The Costa Brava has 28 blue flags, the Costa Daurada and the Ebro Delta have 38 and the beaches near Barcelona or even in the city have 24 flags.

Russian tourism could increase by 10% in the Costa Daurada thanks to a new orthodox church

April 26, 2013 08:19 PM | CNA / Marc C. Griso / Xavier Pi / Laia Ros

The Friends of Russia Foundation is planning to build an orthodox church on the Costa Daurada, the southern coast of Catalonia. The new temple would be the first Russian orthodox one in Catalonia and the biggest one in Spain. It is aimed at Russian visitors, the most emerging touristic market in the area over recent years. The construction of the temple could mean a 10% rise in Russian tourists on the southern Catalan coasts. Its location will be made public at the end of March. Besides, according to the Catalan minister of Business and Occupation, Russian tourism will grow 40% in Catalonia this year. Last year one million Russians spent their holidays in Spain, and 600,000 stayed in Catalonia. Out of this 600,000, 70% chose the Costa Daurada, followed by the Costa Brava.

9,500 British students party wildly at Salou on Catalonia’s Costa Daurada

March 26, 2013 09:53 PM | CNA / M.C. Griso / R. Segura / A. Ferràs

Thousands of university students from the UK and Ireland come to the Saloufest, a sports tour during the day and a disco and street party at night. “We come to the Saloufest because there are a lot of parties, everything is very cheap and we feel safe” stated one UK student who arrived on Sunday and will party until Thursday in this coastal Catalan town with the first group of 4,000 people. The second and third groups will come after the Easter holidays, on the 2nd and 9th of April. The youngsters bring money in to the hotel, restaurant and bar sectors during a weak period of the year business-wise. However, many neighbours are fed up with the noise and other disturbances, and some locals even leave the town during these days.

IBM unveils its first technological innovation centre in Catalonia prioritising local talent

March 20, 2013 09:12 PM | CNA / Marc C. Griso / Núria Torres

The IBM Group has opened a software development centre in Reus, a city in Southern Catalonia near the Costa Daurada and Tarragona. The new centre will initially employ 50 highly-qualified professionals, mostly graduates from the local Rovira Virgili University. However, the plan is to reach 100 workers in one year’s time and 250 in two years. The company envisages they might even end up employing up to 450 people in Reus, but they have refused to make any commitment on such an ambitious target. The centre will initially have a 700,000 euro investment and will occupy 600 square metres, but double this space will be used after its enlargement.

Catalan theme park PortAventura hopes to reach 5 million visitors anually within the next few years

March 14, 2013 10:27 PM | CNA

Investindustrial, PortAventura’s only shareholder since last November, will invest €75 million in enlarging the park’s facilities within the next five years. The amusement park, located in the Costa Daurada in Southern Catalonia, near Salou and Tarragona, has already been enlarged over the last few years adding the water park Caribe Aquatic next to the beach and several adjacent hotel resorts. Furthermore, the Italian group will change the park’s brand to: ‘PortAventura: European Destination Resort’. Investindustrial aim to reach 5 million visitors per year, half of which will come from abroad. As a start, the Italian group is investing €10 million in new projects for this new season, which will kick off on the 22nd of March.

Ryanair will fly through Reus Airport this winter once again

September 20, 2012 01:22 PM | CNA / Roger Segura

The Catalan Government has confirmed that Ryanair will route its flights through Reus Airport, next to Tarragona and the Costa Daurada, during the winter season. It will link the Catalan airport with 7 European destinations, with a frequency of 21 rotations per week. It is expected that 100,000 passengers will be transported. Last year, the Irish low-cost airline cancelled all its flights operated through Reus in winter time and was only present during the summer season.

$6 billion mega-resort theme park to be built in Catalonia instead of Sheldon Adelson’s Eurovegas

September 7, 2012 11:39 PM | CNA / Gaspar Pericay Coll

‘Barcelona World’, located next to Salou’s beaches and PortaAventura, will have 6 new theme parks, as well as 12,000 hotel rooms, casinos, convention centres, golf courses and other amusement facilities. 10 million people are expected to visit the mega-resort funded by Veremonte each year, which will create 40,000 jobs. ‘Barcelona World’, located next to Tarragona in the Costa Daurada, will be Europe’s largest amusement resort and among the world’s largest, targeting family and business tourism. Construction may be complete by late 2016. The project has been announced after the expiration of the offer made to Las Vegas Sands to build its casinos next to Barcelona. This American company has not announced if it will finally build ‘Eurovegas’ in Madrid yet, but the Barcelona option seems to be ruled out.

Swimming with red tuna, a new eco-tourism attraction in Catalonia’s Costa Daurada

July 4, 2012 10:09 PM | CNA / Gemma Nieto

The Balfegó Group has started to offer a ‘Tuna-Tour’ that allows tourists to visit in catamaran the farms where tuna are fed and being taken care of. The Balfegó Group aims to show off its sustainable fishing techniques for preserving this endangered species. The tour lasts two hours and fifteen minutes and allows tourists to swim with the endangered fish if they want to.

Twice the number of tourists from Ukraine to visit Catalonia in 2012

April 11, 2012 11:44 PM | CNA / Roger Segura

Tourism from Russia and former Soviet republics has been increasing in Catalonia over the last few years. The Russian tour operator Natalie Tours announced that it will bring 35,000 Ukrainian tourists to Spain, 80% them going to Catalan beaches and the rest to the Canary Islands. Within the next 5 years, the number of Ukrainian tourists is expected to reach half million people. Furthermore, the number of tourists from Eastern Europe is expected to increase between 35% and 40%.

PortAventura theme park is building the tallest rollercoaster in Europe

October 21, 2011 10:35 PM | CNA / Núria Torres

The Catalan theme park, located on the Costa Daurada next to Tarragona, will invest 25 million euros building the new attraction, which will be 76 metres high and will emulate the Himalaya. In addition, users will reach a speed of 134 km/h. The new rollercoaster’s name and exact design are still a mystery, but it will cross the Dragon Khan four times. The Catalan President assisted in the ceremony of the laying of the first stone. The attraction will be ready in May 2012.

Russian millionaires find an opportunity within crisis buying real estate on Catalonia’s Costa Daurada

August 30, 2011 10:44 PM | CNA / Marc C. Griso

In the current times of crisis within the real state market, money from Russian tourists is particularly noticeable. Rich Russian citizens come to Tarragona’s Costa Daurada to buy houses close to the seashore. Their search is on for "exclusive homes'' with attached land to use them as summer houses or as a base to permanently relocate to. When not using the house, they may rent them.