World Bank picks Barcelona to host CitiSense smart city forum

November 18, 2013 10:24 PM | ACN

Barcelona has hosted the CitiSense forum on smart cities on the 17th and the 18th of November. Over 250 mayors and representatives from a hundred different countries have shared their knowledge and experience on smart cities, open innovation, energy savings and efficient mobility with 69 experts. Barcelona was chosen because it serves as a laboratory for both innovation and knowledge and also for its proud history among smart cities. By organising this forum, the World Bank was hopeful that other cities with a margin of “smart” growth would take advantage of the experience of more advanced cities in this area such as Barcelona. The CitiSense forum was intentionally launched simultaneously with the Smart City Expo, which takes place in Barcelona and aims at promoting internationally methods and projects in this field.

Smartphone apps can result in another tool for intimate partner violence

March 8, 2013 06:57 PM | CNA / Maria Belmez / Guillem Sànchez / Karina Reinhard

Just a few years ago writing a message with the mobile phone meant exchanging short and important information with a few words. Today however, there are youngsters, especially girls, writing about 300 messages every day. Thanks to WhatsApp or similar apps, this is now possible. The use of this kind of smartphone applications seems to get more and more addictive in some population groups. Furthermore, they can bring a dangerous risk: instead of exchanging simple information, these apps can be used to control the movements of partners by young users. Changes in behaviour are becoming alarming and can lead to scarred relationships.

Catalan mobile companies fill the market with innovative and specialized products

February 28, 2013 10:53 PM | Rosa Soto

Catalan companies at the Mobile World Congress increased their presence in the international event by 40% in comparison with 2012. 56 companies were supported by the Catalan Government, which grouped 48 of them together under the Catalonia Stand. They also introduced to the technologic market new apps in different fields and closed deals with other international companies. Most of them are formed by small teams of young entrepreneurs who were looking for venture capital and were making contacts with international businesses to launch their latest technological projects.

Dídac Lee: “Barça must be number one in everything, be it football, basket or new technologies.”

March 1, 2012 09:26 PM | Marina Vicens

Dídac Lee is on the FC Barcelona Board of Directors, charged with managing New Technologies. In an exclusive interview with CNA, Lee considers that it is vital for FC Barcelona to be close to the fans, and social networks are the key to reaching this goal. Thanks to Lee, Barça is now the leading sports club in the field. Lee is a renowned Catalan entrepreneur and the Chinese work culture ethos has influenced him both in his life and work.

The biggest worldwide mobile industry event opens in Barcelona

February 27, 2012 11:56 PM | CNA / Laura Pous

The Mobile World Congress has attracted more than 60,000 delegates from the most influential mobile companies on the planet to the Catalan capital. The event is the most important of the year, and it’s a great opportunity for developing business in the sector. The delegates will explore the way the mobile industry is redefining communication and will try to get business contracts related to the new era in smart phone technology. The organisation motto for this year’s edition is ‘Redefining Mobile!’

FC Barcelona unveils FCB APPS, a programme aimed at empowering the Catalan mobile sector

February 26, 2012 07:10 PM | CNA

The programme is aimed at developers and businesses that create mobile applications. The goal is to leverage FC Barcelona during the creation of a world-wide leading industry, as well as offering up new business opportunities for developers and ITC entrepreneurs. Any mobile application that transmits the values and the spirit of FC Barcelona are eligible for submission, and the developers, if accepted, will have access to the benefits outlined in the programme.