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Spanish police accuse pro-independence leaders of acting as if in ‘organized crime’

Big audiovisual business owner denies report’s claims he was involved in independence bid



15 February 2018 01:00 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Spanish Guardia Civil police claims the moves towards independence were taken “with a strategy typical of organized crime.” In a report seen by the Catalan News Agency, the police force argues that the leaders working for a Catalan state did not want to make any details of the plans to bring about independence public. The report, which also states that phone calls between officials reveal cryptic language and secret meetings taking place, has been handed to Spain’s Supreme Court, which is investigating the independence case.

According to the Guardia Civil, one of the relevant factors in the plans for independence was keeping the public ready to demonstrate, for which the report says the “public and private” media were “key.” In particular, the report points to Jaume Roures, the businessman owner of Mediapro, one of the most important audiovisual firms in the country.

Yet, on hearing of the accusations, Roures denied any involvement in the independence bid. “On October 1 [referendum day], the Spanish state powers looked ridiculous and they are now trying to find guilty people to explain their ineffectiveness,” he said in an interview with the Catalan public radio.


  • “On October 1 [referendum day], the Spanish state powers looked ridiculous and they are now trying to find guilty people to explain their ineffectiveness”

    Jaume Roures · Audiovisual business owner

Mediapro made a documentary about the October 1 referendum, aired on Catalan public TV on January 9 getting a record-breaking 1.1 million audience. The same firm had produced another film last year on the alleged secret moves by the Spanish Home Affairs ministry to accuse pro-independence leaders of corruption charges. “I guess we are now paying the price for the documentary,” he said.

The documentary on the independence referendum is mentioned in the police reports handed to the Spanish Supreme Court. “What has this documentary about October 1 to do with the case so that a judge has to see it,” he asked.

Roures also denied being involved in some calls between pro-independence officials. “This makes me laugh a little bit,” he added after saying that he does not know 90% of the people mentioned in the report. Yet he also expressed concern about the whole situation. According to him, in Spain “people are incriminated without any evidence.”

Junqueras’ number 2 in the spotlight

The report by the Spanish Guardia Civil also points at Josep Maria Jové, the former secretary general of the Catalan government’s Department of Economy and jailed Catalan vice president Oriol Junqueras’ number 2. Indeed, a diary found in Jové’s home allegedly contained a strategy with different phases to achieve independence. The police corps also believes he was involved in the plans to build state structures for Catalonia, including an army, basic infrastructures, a Catalan tax office and a judiciary.


  • Spain's Guardia Civil officers parading in Madrid on Spain's National Day on October 12 (by Roger Pi de Cabanyes)

  • Spain's Guardia Civil officers parading in Madrid on Spain's National Day on October 12 (by Roger Pi de Cabanyes)