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New anatomy laboratory at Vic university

Facility will allow students to put what they learn into practise on real corpses



09 February 2018 12:29 PM


ACN | Vic

The medical school of the University of Vic, in central Catalonia, has taken anatomical research a step further. It has launched a new anatomy laboratory, which is ready to begin working. However, the school needs subjects and so it has made it easy for locals to donate their bodies to science. In order to do so, people must first register, which is free and which can be done online or in person at the university. In the latter case, the person wanting to donate their body must be accompanied by another person, to witness the donation. While it awaits the arrival of the first bodies, the university has agreed to transfer corpses from other Catalan universities.         

Those choosing to donate their bodies to science have the satisfaction of knowing that they will be helping medical students to put their skills and knowledge into practice on real human bodies. The doctor in charge of the school’s anatomy department, Marian Lorente, told the Catalan News Agency (ACN) that the anatomical study will allow students to practise what they have learnt in books.

  • “Today’s great surgeons began like this, as it is a way of encouraging them”

    Marian Lorente · Doctor

Lorente also stressed that the fact of experimenting with real corpses can be positive for students, especially for those who are not as good as others in studying the theory. “Today’s great surgeons began like this, as it is a way of encouraging them,” said the anatomy department head. According to Lorente, donating bodies to science is “very important”, as it produces a “great return” for society.

The technician heading the anatomy laboratory, Laia Nogué, explained that before the corpse reaches the laboratory, a doctor has to declare death and determine that no forensic autopsy is needed. Once that is done, the funeral home needs to be informed whether the person is a donor. Then, the funeral home has to contact the university and bring them the body as soon as possible.

Once the corpse arrives at the university, the body is analyzed to make sure that it does not have any contagious illness, such as hepatitis or AIDS. If the result of the analysis is negative, the cadaver is then transferred to a cold chamber. According to the needs of the moment, the body is embalmed or sectioned.


  • Doctors at the new anatomy laboratory (by ACN)

  • Doctors at the new anatomy laboratory (by ACN)