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‘It’s time for high politics,’ urges Jordi Cuixart

In a published letter the civil society leader, incarcerated since October, urges “free, peaceful, and democratic” decisions


03 January 2018 07:00 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The president of grassroots organization Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has been in the prison since October 16. In a letter published in ‘El Punt Avui’ newspaper, the civil society leader declared that “it’s time for high politics,” adding that he has no doubt that those elected are up to the task and will indeed “carry it out.”

He is the only individual still in pre-trial holding for his actions relating to Catalonia’s push for independence who did not run in the December 21 elections, such as Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra Republicana), Joaquim Forn (Together for Catalonia). Also incarcerated at the same time as Cuixart and on the same charges Jordi Sànchez, former grassroots leader of fellow organization Catalan National Assembly (ANC) who however stepped down from his role in civil society to run on the Together for Catalonia ticket alongside Carles Puigdemont. 

  • “Before anger, tenderness; before sadness, hope; and before prison, peace and freedom”

    Jordi Cuixart· president of Òmnium Cultural 

In his written correspondence from December 14 but published today, Cuixart was, in fact, emphatic about the role civil society figures are to play. According to the grassroots leader, they are to take up “the maximum” civic and social commitment to fight for Catalan institutions, social cohesion, and educational systems as well as a respect for the way to make decisions in a “free, peaceful, and democratic way.”

Cuixart spoke for Òmnium Cultural when he wrote they want to “sew up the country from top to bottom,” adding “we will only achieve this if we work together and we don’t leave anyone behind.” The incarcerated grassroots leader urged the use of dialogue “as the main tool of building agreements.” Inasmuch, he stated that he will never tire of calling for dialogue.

“Ideas should be debated, not imprisoned,” writes Cuixart

Yet, Cuixart also notes the difficulty of the situation. “In 21st century Europe, ideas should be debated, not imprisoned,” he writes, adding that the best of oneself must be shown: “before anger, tenderness; before sadness, hope; and before prison, peace and freedom.”

Speaking on behalf of Òmnium Cultural and referring to the current situation, Cuixart noted: “I am fully convinced that it’s necessary to continue working to strengthen the feeling of collective belonging. To reformulate what’s necessary, but without giving up on the great successes of the last few years.”


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  • Grassroots civil society leader Jordi Cuixart at a press conference on August 31 2017 (by Guillem Roset)