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Catalan Minister for Justice announces prostitution regulation plan to be ready in the next months

Montserrat Tura, Catalan Minister for Justice, has stated that several departments are working together on this plan. She stressed that the plan focuses more on brothel regulation rather than targeting specific people. Joan Boada, Catalan Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, accused Spanish Government of not acting on the issue.


02 September 2010 11:31 PM



Barcelona (ACN).- The Catalan Minister for Justice, Montserrat Tura, assured that the plan to regulate prostitution will be finished before the legislature goes out of session, which means in September. She said this that after the General Secretary for Home Affairs, Joan Boada, told a leading radio station that the Catalan Government is working with all departments to take \u201Cone more step\u201D in the regulation of prostitution. She also said that the new regulation will centre more on the conditions within brothels and \u201Cnot on the people\u201D. Boada stated that there is a \u201Cnecessity\u201D to regulate prostitution and accused the Spanish state for not taking any of these steps

Boada affirmed that \u201Cunfortunately\u201D the regulation of prostitution is not \u201Cexclusively\u201D in the hands of the Catalan Government. Because of this, he says that actions from the Spanish Government towards regulation are \u201Cessential for us\u201D. In this sense, he mentioned that the draft developed by Montserrat Tura when she was Catalan Minister for Home Affairs in the past term only focused on regulation from Catalonia when it should have included \u201Ca combination of acts with the Spanish Government\u201D. Boada specified that this month they will present the work of all of the departments who are working to regulate prostitution. For him, the new regulation of brothels will have preventative effects.


  • The Catalan Minister for Justice, Montserrat Tura, at a recent press conference in the Catalan Parliament

  • The Catalan Minister for Justice, Montserrat Tura, at a recent press conference in the Catalan Parliament