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'Violation of human rights' in Spain denounced by relatives of jailed leaders from Westminster

United Kingdom must understand that “holding referendum can never be crime,” says Txell Bonet, wife of Jordi Cuixart


10 July 2018 09:58 PM


ACN | London

Relatives of two jailed pro-independence leaders have taken part in a conference on Tuesday at the Parliament of the United Kingdom in order to denounce “the violation of rights” in Spain. At the heart of the event was a topic very close to them: that of the imprisoned Catalan leaders.

Txell Bonet, partner of grassroots pro-independence activist Jordi Cuixart, and Anna Forn, daughter of Joaquim Forn, also behind bars, took to the podium in London to denounce the “violation of human rights” in Spain. Both Cuixart and Forn have been in prison over their roles in Catalonia’s push for independence since last year.

Bonet stated that the United Kingdom, which has been “able hold a referendum without problems or violence, must understand these legitimate demands,” and understand that “holding a referendum can never be a crime.”

Anna Forn also spoke about the transferral of her father to a Catalan prison, saying that for her it would be "logistically" easier as she won't have to travel so far. However, "for him it would be the same," she added, highlighting that if he is behind bars it doesn't matter where he is. 

The conference, organized by pro-independence group the Catalan National Assembly (ANC,) was attended by members of the British parliament, such as Welsh MP Hywell Williams. It took part in the parliamentary office building Portcullis House, in Westminster.

Jordi Cuixart is now in jail in Catalonia, while Forn has been transferred to a prison in Saragosa, before his relocation is completed on Wednesday. Beforehand, both Txell and Anna had to travel over 700km each time they wanted to visit their partners, who were incarcerated in the Madrid region.

Joaquim Forn has repeatedly asked to be released, stating that he has given up his political career and is therefore there is no longer a threat of him repeat offending. Today, for the fourth time in a row, his appeal was rejected by  the judge overseeing  the independence case.


  • Txell Bonet, wife of Jordi Cuixart, and Anna Bonet, daughter of Joaquim Forn MP Hywell Williams (by ACN)

  • Txell Bonet, wife of Jordi Cuixart, and Anna Bonet, daughter of Joaquim Forn MP Hywell Williams (by ACN)