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Torra’s inauguration: sober and without guests

Catalan president to take oath mentioning neither the Spanish king nor the Constitution


16 May 2018 03:05 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Quim Torra will officially take oath as 131st Catalan president on Thursday morning in a sober ceremony, without guests—an unlikely inauguration for the highest office in Catalonia, marked by the exceptionality of Torra’s election and the still ongoing direct rule from Madrid.

While being sworn in, Torra will use the same words as his predecessor, Carles Puigdemont, thus omitting any reference to the Spanish king or the Constitution. In 2016, the pro-independence leader promised “loyalty to the will of the Catalan people, represented by the parliament.”

Torra was appointed as head of government on Monday with the votes of pro-independence parties. His election came six months after Spain suspended self-rule in Catalonia and dismissed Puigdemont and all government officials following a declaration of independence.

Puigdemont, currently in Germany facing an extradition order, proposed Torra as his successor after Spanish courts blocked all his attempts to take office from abroad. Two alternative candidates subsequently put forth, currently in prison, were also blocked.

During his acceptance speech in parliament, Torra stressed that one of his objectives will be to reinstate Puigdemont as Catalan president. A day after being elected, he traveled to Berlin to meet with Puigdemont and later gave a joint press conference.


  • Quim Torra (center) leaving the Catalan parliament after being elected as president (by ACN)

  • Quim Torra (center) leaving the Catalan parliament after being elected as president (by ACN)