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Spanish ruling party leader in Catalonia determined to stop referendum law

Catalan Parliament Bureau expected to decide on August 16 whether to allow the bill to be discussed in plenary session


09 August 2017 06:09 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The leader in Catalonia of Spain's ruling People's Party (PP), requested a meeting with the Catalan president before August 16, he announced in a press conference. Xavier García Albiol aims to convince the head of the government, Carles Puigdemont, to halt plans to pass a referendum law. This legal text, developed by pro-independence lawmakers in the Catalan chamber, has been designed as the key element to provide the plebiscite with a legal framework despite Spain’s opposition. The referendum is due to be held on October 1.

The deadline set by García Albiol to meet Puigdemont is relevant, as the Catalan Parliament Bureau is expected to decide what to do with the referendum law on August 16. The parties in favor of creating a new state registered the bill just before the summer break, so the Bureau will have this hot topic on the table to kick off the new season. The body’s majority is pro-independence and willing to allow the legislation to be discussed in a Parliament plenary session. Nevertheless, the Spanish Constitutional Court has already warned them that if they go ahead, they may face criminal charges. 

  • “A state cannot allow laws which aim to destroy the state from within” 

    Xavier García Albiol ·People's Party Leader in Catalonia

García Albiol also said that all lawmakers and Catalan ministers who take additional steps towards holding the vote on October 1 will be removed and barred from office, since different judicial institutions have already stated that the referendum is illegal. “A state cannot allow laws which aim to destroy the state from within,” added the pro-Spanish unionist leader. Moreover, he stated that if the Catalan Parliament president, Carme Forcadell, calls a plenary session allowing the passage of the controversial legislation, “it will have the same validity as if it were a taxi driver who did it”. He also said that he will feel not sorry at all if president Puigdemont ends up being removed from office. 


  • Xavier García Albiol in a press conference (by Bernat Vilaró)

  • Xavier García Albiol in a press conference (by Bernat Vilaró)